No game no life

I finally decided to watch this one … why didn’t I before?? It’s about NEETS,who are gamers and at least in Japan,hikkikomori…also, you have all the logic and super smart genius minds and agdgfssghss

I loved it, I can’t wait for season 2. The whole bro-sis complex thing was a bit unpleasant now and then but, after seeing how weird and how misunderstood those two are..well it was ok.

Elves? checked

Fantasy world where everything is a game? checked

People with wild animals traits? checked

Random data on science,geography and the like? checked

2 girls who could be just as well more than friends? cheeeecked

Now go enjoy it, I won’t even spoil it cos you muuuuust watch it,it’s quite funny and damn interesting.

Ahh poor Stephanie Dola..hahaha she’s hilarious.


Now go enjoy it