Love, Live! First impression

Seriously,another title I would of never considered to watch on my own,but thanks to some doujinshi ( look for Cocoa break + Sweet Pea author ) I ended up loving the Maki x Nico pairing, even tho I had never seen the anime…and now..well I’m on episode 2 but it’s already entertaining,made me chuckle 4 times and I’m getting interested.

I’m aware there’s no blatant yuri to be seen ( I’ve read season 2 has more of it ? ) but that the subtext it’s definitely there so… I’ll inform on it all when I finish the 2 seasons and the specials.  So,that’s gonna be like 2 days haha.

… is it my idea or Maki is a bit of..a bit of..a tsundere? Kyaaaaah.