Well I would normally not even look at this one, for many reasons, one is loli really doesn’t work for me, the other is I don’t really like girls with short hair ,usually, but hey!! what a surprise, of course I liked the side characters way more, but this title had me laughing out loud almost all the time, that is something super rare and I totally love it,so let me review it for ya

There are two childhood friends…ok? I couldn’t care less for their names… Sachiyo?..hmm Yoshiko!! I think,she’s super skilled and a perv, and the other one who is..well normal. so each of them has a younger sister, and said younger sisters are each other’s crushes.. so Yoshiko(?) likes Normal friend’s sister and the other way around. THE issue here is that they actually do resemble their sisters, they had the same hair style and all…so it’s more like they like each other but they can’t realize it yet,duh.

NOW on the good part,we have this :

Akari <3

 Akari!! Akari ❤

So,that scary looking girl is Akari,she gives the wrong impression and asks the two older girls for advice ,ha! her crush of course is unaware,and has a thing with dams…now the real funny thing here is

sister2 The tall blond one is sister with the tall dark haired Akari, she also gives off the wrong impression and seems menacing but she’s so girly and cute actually,the shortie there is sisters with.. Mari!! who is Akira’s crush…so you got tall sisters dating smaller sisters…ah on a side note , the younger sisters of the protagonists seem to be in love with each other as well,haha eat it.

I don’t wanna say much,just that it had me laughing and I loved loved loved Akari/Mari and ..ehm hmm Tall menacing blond haired one and seriously I just read it what on earth… Saki? I think it is. Meh I just pay attention to what I like.

So do take a look for it, beware it’s mostly loli since Mari is 16 but looks like.. 12 and the other one is like.. 19? but looks like 12..and well everyone is flat chested.

All in family

 There they are!! Sisters and younger sisters pairing up!! All in family

If you don’t know any of these, you don’t know yuri

So,I decided I’d make a short compilation on common phrases/situations on yuri manga, it’s not as detailed as, check that site please, I have endless hours of fun reading the many many many tropes we are faced with… so,moving onto my list! ( I am prone to binge-read manga when I’m feeling a bit down,then again I just love reading) I focused on manga because straight ( hilarious word now…) yuri is hard to find on anime, yes we have Sakura Trick but the quantity of yuri manga is wow, it never goes that  far on screen,unless it’s hentai and then it ends up gross, except of course… SHOUJO SECT


Wincest ftw

– “Will you accept me/my feelings ?” ( This equals,at least 96% of the time, having sex,right on the spot,awesome sex mostly )

– “Even though…we are both girls…/we can’t,we are both girls” ( yet,it ends up working out, spare me the futanari options, I can’t stand it )

– “You are so dirty/lewd/such a pervert” ( usually said while the other girl is doing THE perverted things )

– “No,stop,don’t” ( while pulling the other girl closer and/or close to coming,seriously what is up with that? )

– Sudden confession out of the blue ( which usually leads to hot steamy sex,just like that )

-Long awaited confession ( must lead to hot steamy sex as well )

– All girls school , seriously…

-Aaangst and couples ending up apart by : society pressure/family pressure/death/het marriage/regular crossed star lovers ( Kannazuki no miko could win this one category ¬¬ )

– Walking together under an umbrella…preferably after 4pm, that is one scenario I would looooveeeeeeee to be in ,to be honest.

– Child hood friends, nuff said.

– Sisterly love… deep sisterly love ( Looking at you Candy Boy,also that’s twincest on top of all! )

-“It’s ok if it’s with you ” : Insert kiss/wild/romantic sex here. ( do notice the pun please )

-Dreamy deal sealer kiss : Once this first barrier is crossed,the rest goes easier, sometimes of course it’s just the actual beginning,sometimes the climax ( if lucky, followed by many other climaxes he he he ) ( Unless it’s Citrus we are talking about,then it’s just kisses and more kisses [ that is until chaper 8 eh ] )

Hmm,can’t think of more now, I mean there’s so many more things,but those are the ones that make me go “Oh here we go again” if I think of others,I’ll edit this .


I did think of more…ok fine I’m reading some manga and they all came out haha.

– Your finger/tongue is in my____ ( seriously, I’m sure they are well aware where their body parts are in relation to the other person )

-This is embarrassing ( is it really now? )

– Clothing in Japan must be made differently , it is SO easy to take it off omg,so easy.

-A very poor communication : “Ah, I’ve always always loved you…Me too…Really?…” Talk among you people,may save you months/years of ( actually not ) unrequited feelings.

– Nursery rooms . No need to talk more about it.

Kicking the bucket

I believe this is the proper expression when you quit something. Well I haven’t totally “quit” Facebook but… I found myself going back at the site,several times a day,well honestly kinda expecting something..I shall not discuss that with you people.

Anyway, I was like ok, enough,and left a message, “Not gonna be on FB, reach out by whatsapp” What happened? I got notifications on my cellphone .. Facebook inboxes… like freaking 4, if you are telling people you won’t be picking up the phone,but they can come to your house…they will start ringing like mad then? I don’t get it.

At any rate, I just see the inboxes in case it’s a request for vegan food ( I sell vegan tamales ) otherwise I don’t even read them, I am a bit pissed off people won’t use whatsapp or regular mail or a phone call or… are we soooooooo hooked up on the social networks that we can’t find another way to contact the ones we “love” and the ones we “care for” ? I use quotation marks cos if you cared so much  you wouldn’t need the freaking computer/tablet/smartphone in the first place… houses have doors and you can go knock.. ( I do dislike people showing up randomly though, but you know what I’m saying )

Right now I just wanna focus on me and keep doing what I’m doing and well, being ready for when ,if ,something happens.. ( hope it does ) so I’m not going to be dramatic and delete my account ( plus I need to leave that door open as well ) but I think checking it like once every 2 days should suffice, then I have myself with much more time to read, watch anime, play and work out,oh yes and cooking. Posting stuff on FaceBook has never actually helped anyone methinks. I enjoy writing here so much more.

So all in all, Facebook might be useful but it’s usually just gossip and bickering,so not in the mood for it right now.

I don’t know about Twitter, I only use it to link this blog to the FB so it posts automatically .


And none can call me a hypocrite, cos yes, I enjoyed using it a lot, but things change, people change so shut up. At least I don’t proclaim I’m gonna be “free” from it then use it a lot the next day.

Shingeki no Kyojin ; First impressions

You wanna end up with 2-3 more anime titles to watch on your list? Read blogs but most importantly read the comments, then you are forced to google/ask and it’s how you end up watching that supa popular show you were neveeer interested on.

And this is how I am here now, watching Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on the titan,eeew that sounds so Hollywood, I guess that’s why I never wanted to watch it, then again  it was all the rag on that time I was working on that anime expo,that and one title about a demoniac butler or something that has some yaoi or people want it to be yaoi or something like it,lol.

Ok so Eren the main dude..meh, I did like the opening!! It is of course due to the gratuitous german but oh well, I’m still on episode 3, then again I watched the special recap episode, up to episode 14..gonna finish main series then move onto OVAS and specials, then,or in between ,the manga.

So.. Ymir and Historia,erm Krista,Christa, however the hell you spell her name… that’s..something to see.. I do like Sasha Brown(e?) she seems silly .

So now gonna enjoy some more muscley skinless disgusting giants erm titans and those kiddos fighting back.


Ymir x Christa 😉

Citrus ; a while later

Fine, I still like character design, but the story… it just won’t get anywhere, in the latest chapter, before the special, we are shocked ( not at all ) by.. yeah one more love rival!! Another girl, ah who has a sister, ( who wants to bet said sister will fall for Yuzu since the other one fell for Mei?) .. I know how common love triangles are and misunderstandings and very complicated, sometimes outta the blue problems for protagonists are,in most yuri titles, but this is seriously getting on my nerves… it has several chapters now and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon, I wonder what will Mr. or is it Mrs.? Saburo Uta has in mind?

Yuzu is our classic protagonist, she doesn’t know shit about,well many things, love included,she is a bit of an airhead,she eats a lot, she is outgoing and a bit clumsy…a simple girl , then we have Mei, she..well she’s a bitch so far, yeah yeah bad relationship with father, she puts way too much pressure on herself,she’s way too uptight and she seems cold and emotionless… eh do I sense something here…did I mention Mei is rich..seitokaichou! and has long black hair? Meh enough tropes here for the day.

I’ll continue to read of course but I hope we finally get some sense kicked into Mei and Yuzu grows a pair to properly convey her feelings. Gee.


Yurikuma Arashi first impression & Fate/x Saga

Yurikuma Arashi 

So…bears…bear girls…who eat human girls..and there’s honey and lilly flowers…( lilly = yuri ) and honey licking from said lilly flowers.… The plot is a bit eh? but I like the fact that it’s ,well, original!! and,if you ask me, quiiiite straight forward ( straight would be not the best word to describe it tho,haha ok bad pun nvm ) I don’t love Sumika with Kureha, I think Kureha is ok but Sumika is meh, yes I’m qucik to judge but I’m also open to change my mind if I find it suitable. I much prefer the bear girls,anyway I really didn’t understand much, so I hope it gets even more interesting , the character design is ok, I like the animation cos it’s hmm more fluid, reminds me a little bit of Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei ( omg,gotta review that one soon ) so I’m gonna keep an eye on this title.


Fate/ stay night / zero / unlimited blade works

Haven’t played the games,nor am I gonna,so I stick to the anime,movies,OVAS and well not to Illya prisma etc cos that was…like…I loved Miyu but that storyline goes nowhere with the rest. Anyhow, I just started to watch for completness sake.. I dislike the fact that I’m gonna watch hurtful moments with Sakura… ( I didn’t know or forgot she was Rin’s sister and got adopted/abducted by Matou family and the whole insect thing… erhm…) I really don’t wanna,and I don’t really care for the previous heroic spirits ( the archer one seems cocky enough to be interesting tho and duh Saber is always cool ) but I guess it’s fine, Irisviel is ADORABLE  !!!! I’d never guess that…

Bah couldn’t even find a suitable image…so many series and characters xD the best of course are Tohsaka Rin , Saber, Irisviel and Illyasviel and hmm Rider and Archer ( the ones from /stay night and /unlimited blade works ) .

Keep tuned.

konata-zero-lucky-star-18062374-608-589 There,a good advice er order from Kona-chan.

Only lovers left alive

It’s been a while since I reviewed a movie… I LOVE watching them but I’ve gotten kinda lazy and well, you know, those anime shows with more than one season, tsk, gotta watch them all as soon as possible.

So, I’m still watching it, it’s been 48 minutes, I’m liking it, they won me over with the first minutes,the song actually, ohh they’d be toreador, definitely specially Mr. emo suicidal musician guy a.k.a Adam.

It also made me think of Poppy Z. Brite novels… -sighs- I feel like reading one now.

S_lo_los_amantes_sobreviven-874000962-large See the poster? That’s how the movie is like.

Also lots of this maxresdefault… hmm blood popsicle.

I give it… my seal of approval!!  Do enjoy it when possible.

A different view on relationships

Well… I’ve been constantly changing, towards the better,for the last… huh.. 2 years? And now it’s the turn for a very rooted and ancient view of mine to be challenged,questioned and ultimately put to test!!

I’m a very stubborn person,but I’m also open to change, ha! so… I used to think that having a partner in a relationship, like a girlfriend, would automatically mean that you’d get to spend most of the time with that person,being in touch a lot, seeing each other daily or quite often,talking on the Facebook,Whats’app and what not,also that she would meet your friends, cos everyone’s friends want to know their friend’s girlfriend ne? ( that bit was confusing,hope you got it lol ) and also telling your friends lots of things about your current relation, ups and downs.

Guess what? While it might be the norm or probably the way most people do it, it may not be the best way, at least it’s not the only way!! Seeing each other daily does not guarantee quality time nor strengthened feelings , you can take my word for it . Also, whereas the saying  “out of mind out of sight” might be a reality,  this is only true to an extent, cause, the best friends you have or people you really care for, you don’t HAVE to see often to keep those feelings strong, ( if you do, you may wanna check it out and do some hard thinking ) and it’s also true that one valuates more that which isn’t the easiest to attain.  I wanna say it’s not the same to have someone that you can see every single freaking day,  talk on the phone and stuff ( case A ) , that someone who doesn’t have as much time and you can meet say, once a week or less ( case B ). You’d wanna make the most of it right? Not to say you don’t with the case A ,but let’s be honest, it becomes a bit less exciting as time goes by. Also easy comes easy goes, not that it has to be a major struggle to be worth it…but the fact you gotta make an effort makes it much more rewarding.

So…on the friends note… I never stopped to think why was it important to me that my current girlfriend was at least an acquaintance  of my buddies, it is fun to go out all together but… in the end you risk that your girlfriend prefers to be with your friends or that she’ll only wanna meet with you if it’s a group thing, no friends no going out. You do NOT want this to happen, trust me. Also it’s not like we need friend’s approval, I usually don’t like my friend’s partners but it’s the same cos it’s none of my business ( unless they are real assholes, then I make it clear that’s not ok ) and finally, it’s not a good idea to tell your friends about your problems with your lover cause, when these stop or get better they will be suspicious or still be mad ( cos when you tell these problems you are all boohoo and whiny ) so it’s best to keep couple things , between two people , which are the ones dating .

Ah, almost forgot… there’s a song saying “Racing so hard you know it won’t last” maybe we do rush into this lover binge and wanna take,see,know all about that person,way too fast and way too soon. A slow pace might be ideal for more lasting, balanced, healthy relationships.


I liked this image, lol, so here it goes. so my conclusions are:

1.- Keep couple things between the freaking couple

2.- This of course means the troubles you might face.

3.- More isn’t necessary better, so any time you get to spend together, spend it the best possible way!

4.- Don’t just think things should be done this way or the other, not every pair of jeans fit the same .

5.- Enjoy your time alone, your time with friends, your time with your partner and see that it’s not a must to mix those 3.

6.- Like a wonderful song / Maybe by Marlango / says “Take the beginning with no end in mind” relationships do end, everything kinda does, but who knows when will this happen, let us rejoice on the now,future may never come,for all we know.

Love,Live! Final view

You made me cry,you girls at the beach being all friendly and stuff..gnaaah… don’t tell people I cry over silly things ok?

I usually don’t cry while watching anime…ok I do, but freaking school idols! It wasn’t that bad as..I don’t know…Jigoku shoujo on season 3 … afff.. well fine, I think I’ve watched like 2 idol anime, Locodol and this one… I liked some songs, specially Start,Dash! but only with Maki and her piano ❤ the characters do develop, they are cute,funny and they seem to have feelings…it works, from head to toe it works. Damn

I do hope there’s an OVA or something… although not a third season, I only care about  μ ( or Muse, the 9 muses,eh watch it please ) It can’t ever be the same without Eli,Nozomi and Nico!!!!! and I can kind of see the yuri alarm on Nico and Maki,but to be honest… I am ultra biased due to these awesoooomeeeeee doujinshi works by Cocoa Break + Sweet Pea ( I think,it’s the same author ) so I really can’t tell, but nonetheless Maki managed to become one of my all time favorites.


Ehhh, the images giving away some kind of hint on MakixNico… it’s mostly music videos..such a mislead… but meh , I said I was ultra biased due to doujinshi..but it’s really barely anything there..baaarely,so watch the show for the fact that it’s cute, and that Maki is awesomeeeeeeeeee.

I finished it…  T_T   it was heartfelt and stuff… I wish for a movie or an OVA, just with μ though.

Nishikino Maki ( Love Live! )

It’s been ages since the last time I became such a fan from both a character and her/his seiyuu … This girl,the seiyuu is a singer, Pile, she truly has the best of two worls, with korean and japanese blood running through her veins… The voice acting is perfect for  Maki, she’s kind of…she reminds me of me when I was younger, except I don’t play piano or make music or sing or am filthy rich … lol but you know she’s kind of distant but not really and omg her voice,ahhhh ❤   <– Start,Dash! piano version,much better in this version,in my opinion.

Seriously, the only better work I’ve heard/seen is Izumi Kitta was Kuroki Tomoko ( Watamote, I’ve reviewed this here  )

I’m still on season 2, but I’m telling you, Nishikino Maki is one of my favorite characters EVER, and that’s a lot to say from someone who started watching anime at 15 and is now 32.

Nishikino.Maki.240.1277163              nishikinomaki