Nishikino Maki ( Love Live! )

It’s been ages since the last time I became such a fan from both a character and her/his seiyuu … This girl,the seiyuu is a singer, Pile, she truly has the best of two worls, with korean and japanese blood running through her veins… The voice acting is perfect for  Maki, she’s kind of…she reminds me of me when I was younger, except I don’t play piano or make music or sing or am filthy rich … lol but you know she’s kind of distant but not really and omg her voice,ahhhh ❤   <– Start,Dash! piano version,much better in this version,in my opinion.

Seriously, the only better work I’ve heard/seen is Izumi Kitta was Kuroki Tomoko ( Watamote, I’ve reviewed this here  )

I’m still on season 2, but I’m telling you, Nishikino Maki is one of my favorite characters EVER, and that’s a lot to say from someone who started watching anime at 15 and is now 32.

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