Love,Live! Final view

You made me cry,you girls at the beach being all friendly and stuff..gnaaah… don’t tell people I cry over silly things ok?

I usually don’t cry while watching anime…ok I do, but freaking school idols! It wasn’t that bad as..I don’t know…Jigoku shoujo on season 3 … afff.. well fine, I think I’ve watched like 2 idol anime, Locodol and this one… I liked some songs, specially Start,Dash! but only with Maki and her piano ❤ the characters do develop, they are cute,funny and they seem to have feelings…it works, from head to toe it works. Damn

I do hope there’s an OVA or something… although not a third season, I only care about  μ ( or Muse, the 9 muses,eh watch it please ) It can’t ever be the same without Eli,Nozomi and Nico!!!!! and I can kind of see the yuri alarm on Nico and Maki,but to be honest… I am ultra biased due to these awesoooomeeeeee doujinshi works by Cocoa Break + Sweet Pea ( I think,it’s the same author ) so I really can’t tell, but nonetheless Maki managed to become one of my all time favorites.


Ehhh, the images giving away some kind of hint on MakixNico… it’s mostly music videos..such a mislead… but meh , I said I was ultra biased due to doujinshi..but it’s really barely anything there..baaarely,so watch the show for the fact that it’s cute, and that Maki is awesomeeeeeeeeee.

I finished it…  T_T   it was heartfelt and stuff… I wish for a movie or an OVA, just with μ though.

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