A different view on relationships

Well… I’ve been constantly changing, towards the better,for the last… huh.. 2 years? And now it’s the turn for a very rooted and ancient view of mine to be challenged,questioned and ultimately put to test!!

I’m a very stubborn person,but I’m also open to change, ha! so… I used to think that having a partner in a relationship, like a girlfriend, would automatically mean that you’d get to spend most of the time with that person,being in touch a lot, seeing each other daily or quite often,talking on the Facebook,Whats’app and what not,also that she would meet your friends, cos everyone’s friends want to know their friend’s girlfriend ne? ( that bit was confusing,hope you got it lol ) and also telling your friends lots of things about your current relation, ups and downs.

Guess what? While it might be the norm or probably the way most people do it, it may not be the best way, at least it’s not the only way!! Seeing each other daily does not guarantee quality time nor strengthened feelings , you can take my word for it . Also, whereas the saying  “out of mind out of sight” might be a reality,  this is only true to an extent, cause, the best friends you have or people you really care for, you don’t HAVE to see often to keep those feelings strong, ( if you do, you may wanna check it out and do some hard thinking ) and it’s also true that one valuates more that which isn’t the easiest to attain.  I wanna say it’s not the same to have someone that you can see every single freaking day,  talk on the phone and stuff ( case A ) , that someone who doesn’t have as much time and you can meet say, once a week or less ( case B ). You’d wanna make the most of it right? Not to say you don’t with the case A ,but let’s be honest, it becomes a bit less exciting as time goes by. Also easy comes easy goes, not that it has to be a major struggle to be worth it…but the fact you gotta make an effort makes it much more rewarding.

So…on the friends note… I never stopped to think why was it important to me that my current girlfriend was at least an acquaintance  of my buddies, it is fun to go out all together but… in the end you risk that your girlfriend prefers to be with your friends or that she’ll only wanna meet with you if it’s a group thing, no friends no going out. You do NOT want this to happen, trust me. Also it’s not like we need friend’s approval, I usually don’t like my friend’s partners but it’s the same cos it’s none of my business ( unless they are real assholes, then I make it clear that’s not ok ) and finally, it’s not a good idea to tell your friends about your problems with your lover cause, when these stop or get better they will be suspicious or still be mad ( cos when you tell these problems you are all boohoo and whiny ) so it’s best to keep couple things , between two people , which are the ones dating .

Ah, almost forgot… there’s a song saying “Racing so hard you know it won’t last” maybe we do rush into this lover binge and wanna take,see,know all about that person,way too fast and way too soon. A slow pace might be ideal for more lasting, balanced, healthy relationships.


I liked this image, lol, so here it goes. so my conclusions are:

1.- Keep couple things between the freaking couple

2.- This of course means the troubles you might face.

3.- More isn’t necessary better, so any time you get to spend together, spend it the best possible way!

4.- Don’t just think things should be done this way or the other, not every pair of jeans fit the same .

5.- Enjoy your time alone, your time with friends, your time with your partner and see that it’s not a must to mix those 3.

6.- Like a wonderful song / Maybe by Marlango / says “Take the beginning with no end in mind” relationships do end, everything kinda does, but who knows when will this happen, let us rejoice on the now,future may never come,for all we know.