Only lovers left alive

It’s been a while since I reviewed a movie… I LOVE watching them but I’ve gotten kinda lazy and well, you know, those anime shows with more than one season, tsk, gotta watch them all as soon as possible.

So, I’m still watching it, it’s been 48 minutes, I’m liking it, they won me over with the first minutes,the song actually, ohh they’d be toreador, definitely specially Mr. emo suicidal musician guy a.k.a Adam.

It also made me think of Poppy Z. Brite novels… -sighs- I feel like reading one now.

S_lo_los_amantes_sobreviven-874000962-large See the poster? That’s how the movie is like.

Also lots of this maxresdefault… hmm blood popsicle.

I give it… my seal of approval!!  Do enjoy it when possible.