Shingeki no Kyojin ; First impressions

You wanna end up with 2-3 more anime titles to watch on your list? Read blogs but most importantly read the comments, then you are forced to google/ask and it’s how you end up watching that supa popular show you were neveeer interested on.

And this is how I am here now, watching Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on the titan,eeew that sounds so Hollywood, I guess that’s why I never wanted to watch it, then again  it was all the rag on that time I was working on that anime expo,that and one title about a demoniac butler or something that has some yaoi or people want it to be yaoi or something like it,lol.

Ok so Eren the main dude..meh, I did like the opening!! It is of course due to the gratuitous german but oh well, I’m still on episode 3, then again I watched the special recap episode, up to episode 14..gonna finish main series then move onto OVAS and specials, then,or in between ,the manga.

So.. Ymir and Historia,erm Krista,Christa, however the hell you spell her name… that’s..something to see.. I do like Sasha Brown(e?) she seems silly .

So now gonna enjoy some more muscley skinless disgusting giants erm titans and those kiddos fighting back.


Ymir x Christa 😉

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