Kicking the bucket

I believe this is the proper expression when you quit something. Well I haven’t totally “quit” Facebook but… I found myself going back at the site,several times a day,well honestly kinda expecting something..I shall not discuss that with you people.

Anyway, I was like ok, enough,and left a message, “Not gonna be on FB, reach out by whatsapp” What happened? I got notifications on my cellphone .. Facebook inboxes… like freaking 4, if you are telling people you won’t be picking up the phone,but they can come to your house…they will start ringing like mad then? I don’t get it.

At any rate, I just see the inboxes in case it’s a request for vegan food ( I sell vegan tamales ) otherwise I don’t even read them, I am a bit pissed off people won’t use whatsapp or regular mail or a phone call or… are we soooooooo hooked up on the social networks that we can’t find another way to contact the ones we “love” and the ones we “care for” ? I use quotation marks cos if you cared so much  you wouldn’t need the freaking computer/tablet/smartphone in the first place… houses have doors and you can go knock.. ( I do dislike people showing up randomly though, but you know what I’m saying )

Right now I just wanna focus on me and keep doing what I’m doing and well, being ready for when ,if ,something happens.. ( hope it does ) so I’m not going to be dramatic and delete my account ( plus I need to leave that door open as well ) but I think checking it like once every 2 days should suffice, then I have myself with much more time to read, watch anime, play and work out,oh yes and cooking. Posting stuff on FaceBook has never actually helped anyone methinks. I enjoy writing here so much more.

So all in all, Facebook might be useful but it’s usually just gossip and bickering,so not in the mood for it right now.

I don’t know about Twitter, I only use it to link this blog to the FB so it posts automatically .


And none can call me a hypocrite, cos yes, I enjoyed using it a lot, but things change, people change so shut up. At least I don’t proclaim I’m gonna be “free” from it then use it a lot the next day.