If you don’t know any of these, you don’t know yuri

So,I decided I’d make a short compilation on common phrases/situations on yuri manga, it’s not as detailed as http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/SoYouWantTo/WriteAYuriManga, check that site please, I have endless hours of fun reading the many many many tropes we are faced with… so,moving onto my list! ( I am prone to binge-read manga when I’m feeling a bit down,then again I just love reading) I focused on manga because straight ( hilarious word now…) yuri is hard to find on anime, yes we have Sakura Trick but the quantity of yuri manga is wow, it never goes that  far on screen,unless it’s hentai and then it ends up gross, except of course… SHOUJO SECT


Wincest ftw

– “Will you accept me/my feelings ?” ( This equals,at least 96% of the time, having sex,right on the spot,awesome sex mostly )

– “Even though…we are both girls…/we can’t,we are both girls” ( yet,it ends up working out, spare me the futanari options, I can’t stand it )

– “You are so dirty/lewd/such a pervert” ( usually said while the other girl is doing THE perverted things )

– “No,stop,don’t” ( while pulling the other girl closer and/or close to coming,seriously what is up with that? )

– Sudden confession out of the blue ( which usually leads to hot steamy sex,just like that )

-Long awaited confession ( must lead to hot steamy sex as well )

– All girls school , seriously…

-Aaangst and couples ending up apart by : society pressure/family pressure/death/het marriage/regular crossed star lovers ( Kannazuki no miko could win this one category ¬¬ )

– Walking together under an umbrella…preferably after 4pm, that is one scenario I would looooveeeeeeee to be in ,to be honest.

– Child hood friends, nuff said.

– Sisterly love… deep sisterly love ( Looking at you Candy Boy,also that’s twincest on top of all! )

-“It’s ok if it’s with you ” : Insert kiss/wild/romantic sex here. ( do notice the pun please )

-Dreamy deal sealer kiss : Once this first barrier is crossed,the rest goes easier, sometimes of course it’s just the actual beginning,sometimes the climax ( if lucky, followed by many other climaxes he he he ) ( Unless it’s Citrus we are talking about,then it’s just kisses and more kisses [ that is until chaper 8 eh ] )

Hmm,can’t think of more now, I mean there’s so many more things,but those are the ones that make me go “Oh here we go again” if I think of others,I’ll edit this .


I did think of more…ok fine I’m reading some manga and they all came out haha.

– Your finger/tongue is in my____ ( seriously, I’m sure they are well aware where their body parts are in relation to the other person )

-This is embarrassing ( is it really now? )

– Clothing in Japan must be made differently , it is SO easy to take it off omg,so easy.

-A very poor communication : “Ah, I’ve always always loved you…Me too…Really?…” Talk among you people,may save you months/years of ( actually not ) unrequited feelings.

– Nursery rooms . No need to talk more about it.