Well I would normally not even look at this one, for many reasons, one is loli really doesn’t work for me, the other is I don’t really like girls with short hair ,usually, but hey!! what a surprise, of course I liked the side characters way more, but this title had me laughing out loud almost all the time, that is something super rare and I totally love it,so let me review it for ya

There are two childhood friends…ok? I couldn’t care less for their names… Sachiyo?..hmm Yoshiko!! I think,she’s super skilled and a perv, and the other one who is..well normal. so each of them has a younger sister, and said younger sisters are each other’s crushes.. so Yoshiko(?) likes Normal friend’s sister and the other way around. THE issue here is that they actually do resemble their sisters, they had the same hair style and all…so it’s more like they like each other but they can’t realize it yet,duh.

NOW on the good part,we have this :

Akari <3

 Akari!! Akari ❤

So,that scary looking girl is Akari,she gives the wrong impression and asks the two older girls for advice ,ha! her crush of course is unaware,and has a thing with dams…now the real funny thing here is

sister2 The tall blond one is sister with the tall dark haired Akari, she also gives off the wrong impression and seems menacing but she’s so girly and cute actually,the shortie there is sisters with.. Mari!! who is Akira’s crush…so you got tall sisters dating smaller sisters…ah on a side note , the younger sisters of the protagonists seem to be in love with each other as well,haha eat it.

I don’t wanna say much,just that it had me laughing and I loved loved loved Akari/Mari and ..ehm hmm Tall menacing blond haired one and seriously I just read it what on earth… Saki? I think it is. Meh I just pay attention to what I like.

So do take a look for it, beware it’s mostly loli since Mari is 16 but looks like.. 12 and the other one is like.. 19? but looks like 12..and well everyone is flat chested.

All in family

 There they are!! Sisters and younger sisters pairing up!! All in family