The kind of manga I do NOT like at all

I’ve read an indecent amount of yuri manga, and some non-yuri titles, and there is this… “style” I just can’t stand. One thing is to be realistic or go into graphic detail and other thing is to draw the insides of people…and having like,a woman sucking on another woman’s ovaries…I mean this one,she had her hand inside the other girl and she PUSHED until the womb was visible… I am pretty sure if that could be done it’d hurt and I don’t know why I’m thinking about internal bleeding and infections… not to mention it’s super disgusting.

“Being inside” is ok,cos that’s like what happens when people have sex ( well,sometimes, others not exactly ,anyway ) but I don’t see the need to see what is going on with a kind of “zoom”,don’t think of porn, I mean something that I want to think can’t even be done…wait… there are some videos..I’ve seen oh my,goodness.. ok it can be done to some extent,but I find it super gross to be presented in drawing,cos on top of everything the characters are like super enjoying the fact that some internal organs are either visible through skin or actually outside of the body… Eeeek!!!! Who on earth can like that!!!!???

Another thing I don’t like it’s futanari “yuri”, futanari it’s when girls have a penis, a real one, with fluids and stuff… like hmm

1.- The whole point of yuri kinda goes to hell, one thing is toys and one thing is to have an actual dick…

2.- Makes me feel like it invalidates the fact that two women can have sex,without the “need” of a real living penis.

3.- Most of the times it’s depicted in quite a gross manner…and involves rape… oh my I hate rape, no rape is ok,ever. not male to male,male to female,female to female,female to male. none.

Anything that has to do with kiddos, I know loli can be popular, I don’t really like loli characters,but then some people take it further, that is just plain wrong people, wrong!

Think I’m covered..oh no wait… Guro… I’ve read plenty cos I’m too curious for my own good most of the time…. if it’s “consensual” ( can’t believe I’m using that word for this ) it’s ok I guess… I guess…but if it’s SUPER awful if it’s like Mai-chan’s daily life, (please do not go and look for this…it made me feel depressed for quite a while… ugh…) then I’ll pass!!

Not gonna post any image related to any of what I described cos I’m pretty sure it’d be censored and I do not wish to see any of that nor do you people I’m gonna post this instead.


 I find this way more pleasant than any of what I described.  :3

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