Non Non Biyori

Another title I had been skipping due to my usual prejudice ,cos they were too young and the set is in rural Japan… oh boy I’m delighted to say I was so wrong about this show, I actually only decided to go for it after reading the review in Yuri Nation, that OG man is always making me watch new stuff ( or old for the matter ) that I would of never considered before…

So,the plot is simple, SliceOfLife,just this happens in the country side..and guess what? If you are like me and love to learn a bit about other cultures and countries, you’ll be thrilled to take a glimpse on how things are on rural Japan, opposed to the usual Tokyo setting,or well big city . It is very very nice to be able to do this,also first episode is kinda boring, but on the second one… haha it had me cracking up so badly!!!

I love love Hotaru ,with her cute crush on Komari senpai ( apparently I only learn names of characters I like a lot or despise greatly, looking at you Shirou  -_- ) , Komari herself is hilarious but I love her interaction with her good for nothing sister hahaha, I like the sensei a lot… I actually don’t care for Renge, she’s meh…I don’t know why people find her to be one of the most popular chars…she is OK, that’s it… but well to each his/her own.

A special mention for Natsumi and Komari’s mom, hahahaha she’s the best mom I’ve seen lately hahahaha .


So, it’s chill,relaxed, not boring!! it makes you feel awww and laugh too, what else can you ask for?


Those 3 ❤ oh yes, one of the things is Hotaru ( dark haired ) is on 5th grade..not sure how old is she supposed to be… she is quite well developed ( look for beach episode hehe ) and Komari ( shortest one ,not counting Renge who is a first grader ) is the oldest being 14 and looks like a kid.She naturally gets pissed off due to this.


I’m on episode 7, there are 12 and an OVA. I might finish today hehe, I hope there is a second season <3… oh gotta read the manga too.

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