Yuri manga titles update!!!

I’ve read an awful lot of yuri manga titles…I mean,that’s true at any rate,any day in my life, but lately… I event went as far as to look for yuri tag on manga sites…I am not done yet,but I’m close! So let me tell you about some ( I covered one more extensively just a minutes ago )

Yuri Yuri : Yes,not Yuru Yuri, although it’s by the same author ( Namori-sama ) this one has very straightforward yuri, the stories are cute,the characters are awesome and I loved it. Same goes for Elegy syndrome ,a sub series or something.Then we have Truth which is…well I don’t know if there are more chapters to it or you are supposed to guess it all from the cover art…but it’s like there’s 4 girls, Ponytal one, Long haired one, Short straight haired one and Curly short haired one… the ending is so awesome I won’t even spoil it for ya 😉

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san : Yes.. the manga is pretty good, it has more clear situations ( about feelings and stuff ) and the author Kuzushiro also has this Love/Death title, which is eh violent but good,please do check them out.

Romance girls files : Stories about a couple who has been together for 10 years, and how they help this new couple of high school students to get together and work their differences out, it’s super cute and I loved it to bits.

Sweet guilty love bites : Stories of girls working at a nightclub, it is different cos it doesn’t focus so much on the sex, it has good character development and the whole thing is nice to read.

Any doujin that Ooshima Tomo/Sweet pea has ever published about NikoxMaki from Love Live! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

Zai x 10 : Not yuri but it’s so damn random that you people should check it out,it’s seriously.. “Eh..what…why? hum?”

Hana to Hoshi : sweeeeet and funny as hell

I’ll send her home on the last train and it’s prequel From Aiu station on the Hiragana line : A girl who is gonna graduate and a first year,they meet on the train, first year Tsune, can be seen wearing a mask, hay fever she says ,awww,she is tall and looks cool but is actually shy and cute, I loved this one ❤

Anything,or well,all that I’ve read by Mrs. Morinaga Milk -sama. ( Girlfriends, even if we are not friends,princess’s mirror,etc)

Yuri_Hime_22_cover Unrelated but still ok!!! since it’s  Yuri Hime cover,wooo!!

Otome saku or Heavenly garden where the maidens bloom

Only one i can post here

Only one i can post here

What is wrong with the title!!  It’s so damn long in english . Anyway, the image isn’t so great but it’s the only one I found that could be posted here,since the main thing is kinda hentai…well..yes it is.

BUT it’s different because unlike most hentai,which I usually don’t like cos it’s random meaningless sex, this one actually struck  me as cute … Let me tell you all about it.

The story is well..hmm, there are these girls,at an all girl school ( OF COURSE ) and they have relationships among them, a pair are like sisters,until they express their love and therefore have sex ( as usually happens, haha ) the other 2 have a secret relationship or something…the other two as well…eh you see how it goes. The most interesting ones are :

Sara-chan who is a mixed race and is actually blond ( white and black manga doesn’t really help with this, but that’s what covers are for ) and seems to like going out with female teachers…she is infatuated with..

Miharu-san who is a first year and for some reason falls prey to…

Itsuki-san who is a second year and Sara’s cousin ( TA DAAAM ) , she decides Miharu is a threat to Sara ( ??) so decides to teach her a lesson…aha sure…so she forces her ( so to speak ) to switch panties with her..and they have sex after club activities ( a big important play is gonna be shown kinda soon,and they perform in it,all of them )

Now, Sara likes Miharu,so she tells Itsuki to stop having sex with her, she agrees but for some reason she ends up having even more sex with Miharu, they spend an awful lot of time together,and she asks Miharu to marry her…yes cos that’s what you do after you fall in love with someone you initially only meant to “scold” by having sex with and switching panties,that must be how life works nowadays.

Sara does confess to Miharu but she declines cos she is going out with Itsuki so…Sara talks to a teacher ( nurse I think ) and they hook up naturally. In the end everyone is happy and has more and more sex.

Meaningful and elaborated plot? Hell no, but for some reason I found Itsuki and Miharu-sama to be soooooooooo cute together…I had to write about it.

Look for it if you wish,but keep in mind this author seems to think switching panties and having urine all over equals love.

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