Yurikuma Arashi

Ok the first part of this will hold no spoilers,second will.

I already told you about this series,the premise of the bears vs humans, Ginko seeking Kureha and Kureha being silly about it and not giving in , Lulu trying to help Ginko to get Kureha’s love,despise the fact that she loves Ginko and the whole IS ( invisible storm ) being intolerant and having double standards. Before saying anything else, do check the music of the artist who sings the opening “Ano mori de matteru” , Bonjour Suzuki, she is amazing, it’s really smooth/sexy/sweet.  https://soundcloud.com/bonjour-suzuki  ( please do so,her music is beyond wonderful )

The rest of the musical score really made the series more likeable and easy to remember , the girl’s voices chorus singing “yuri amour” at certain scenes, or the “yurikuma-yurikuma” in fast pace when action ensued. Brilliant, It really made me enjoy even more.

So we have some humour,drama, action, some angst ( specially for the viewers,well if you are like me haha ) I am happy such an anime like this is out, it addressed how homophobic societies  ( specially Japan ) views the homosexuality/being a lesbian.

There is a manga for this, it’s like totally different,I mean it does share some character names,and the fact that there are bears,but that’s about it,so if you are interested you may take a look, I’m also looking forward for it to end,but that’s gonna be some months still methinks.

I won’t dwell much on the ending…it’s best for each person to think about it on their own. Plenty of proper reviews will be out there, please make sure to go watch this S class title. ( why “S” ? cos,do watch it!! you’ll know )


Man i’d buy that magazine anytime haha. So below some pictures

tumblr_nj5iktUzDT1qbo867o1_500 ❤

Ok now the spoiler part…




Promised kiss delivered!!!

Promised kiss delivered!!!


So..either they did die and go to … some sorta heaven together, or Kumaria-sama took them while still alive to said heaven place, or it was a metaphor for them saying “Fuck you society, we will be in love and be lesbians and not hide it” ,in any case it was wonderful, I am still a bit confused about why Lulu is reading the story of everything that happened,to her little brother.. either she is in heaven with him..or…well I can’t think of anything else lol.

Enjoy ❤

Final thoughts on Strike Witches


Ok that image has way too many people on it,lol. So, I just wanna wrap up my thoughts,since I already watched the 2 seasons,the 3 OVAS ( the pilot and the 2 that had been out for Arrow Victory ) and the movie.I’m still pumped so,here it is :

Do not be fooled by the apparently ridiculous premise, of magical girls, well witches to be exact, wearing no pants to fight evil. I must warn you the series doesn’t explain some things in detail,like do all women have magical powers or just a bunch? At what age do they really lose all that power,supposing they didn’t use it all in combat ( being active in the army means at around 20 you start losing your share of it ) cause there is this old lady,she can even still fly and all. Then the enemies…we don’t really know why they came to earth or who they are or why some seem “approachable” but end up being destroyed by others of the “same” race..we may never know but it’s not something that bothers me..why?

Because the character development makes up for it!! Once you forget or stop making it a big deal that most girls are showing their panties wearing shirts or jackets, ( some wear dresses or the like ),  it becomes a lot of fun, the battle scenes are well done, I love the inner magic of the girls, specially, Trude who gets super strong, the electrical thing Perrine does /Tonerre!,the way Eila never gets hit with her limited foresight, the night antenna thing Sanya has along with her song/spell,the magical Mia’s eye that can see stuff beyond,and when they all combine and attack,wow, amazing shit I’m telling you!!!

Then we have the relationships…oh yes… I love how Miyafuji seems fixated on breasts haha, but she looks cute with Lynne,even if, I personally, don’t think of them as more than friends, they are still super cute


Then we have Eila and Sanya… 332869-moe_165840_sample

That image comes out in the actual anime,so it’s canon I say, Eila is totally a white knight, and Sanya is the princess,I mean it can’t get clearer, omg there is this one episode with them….atch,gotta watch it yourselves,but yes,this is, I think, an actual couple, Sanya always stumbles in Eila’s bed after her shift is done ❤ I hope we get a little bit more of them.

Perrine has an obvious crush on Mio, but I don’t think there’s anything more to it, then we have… Minna and Mio..NOW that is interesting,since Minna lost a past love ( a dude ) and didn’t wanna feel like that again…so she super worries about Mio being injured or dead..HMMM, yes, I think there is something going on there. I’d like to see it develop a bit more, although I suspect it won’t be the case.


The other relationships have nothing romantic,well none that I see, we have Lucchini and Shirley,amazing partners,lots of fun to watch and definitely adorable, pair of wackos haha. Trude and Hartmann ( Erica ) are so much fun cos Barkhorn ( Trude ) is always nagging at Erica, I -think- maybe there is something there,but with Trude’s strong siscon there’s not much room for it .

Relationships aside, this show has it all,for me at least


Cool battle scenes

Endearing characters

Lovely relationships

Adorable characters ( yes, i liked them all,ALL )

Panty shots that didn’t bother me! ( I usually dislike such fanservice but in this case..well they just don’t wear pants. big deal )

Great musical score

Interesting story ( even if little gets solved )


If you watched or are watching Kantai Collection ( KanColle ) you’ll find the show even better, I did cos ,well it shares similarities, some fight on land some on air,and while sending Yamato ship to battle I kept thinking of the wonderful Yamato on KanColle, I had to giggle when they kept mentioning the Akagi ship too. So there ya go!!!

Do give this series a chance, it’s not only panty shots and it won’t interfere,it you don’t let it, it’s super super good,funny and cute ❤


There is a third OVA unreleased yet and there will be more of it, i am not sure , I think it’s a season 3, will it follow the same girls? I have no idea,but I’d love to watch more of the red panties witches ,haha specially if they do follow the manga that there is for it and include Don and Jane ( this is a very blatant obvious couple there )

Don Jane

That’s fanart but it’s practically what you get hehe.


Be sure I wouldn’t recommend random meaningless ecchi titles ❤ … I mean I haven’t got to watch Kampfer..I think I may never lol.

u_u pending on a thread


Ok don’t say I didn’t tell ya, I thought I’d keep this to myself,but no, I’m gonna rant a bit.

Citrus : I had the chance to read the rough subs for chapter 15… -rolls eyes for 40 minutes- stupid Mei did accept going out with Sara ( short twin ) why? Cos it makes PERFECT sense to date a complete stranger instead to at least trying to talk about the whole lot of things that have been going on with your “stepsister” , that you obviously love, who has tried to show you her love in many ways,ah right you did offer your body to her since she was “nice to grandpa and brought you closer to your dad,that you stubborn ass didn’t want to talk to for ages” COME ON,of course she would be confused, you should first tell her you love her or something,then proceed to have sex/make love. she didn’t reject you!! I seriously don’t know what Mei needs Yuzu to tell her… and if she ONLY needs someone who -needs- her, she may as well fuck herself, but what would Yuzu do.. hmm, I still think even blackmailing Matsuri is better, with Yuzu she’d set a straight path. So let us hope Yuzu makes it on time to prevent Sara and Mei from kissing,and kisses Mei instead,or someone dies cos this is getting ridiculous.

Yurikuma Arashi: …Lulu apparently died, saving Ginko from a bullet from Kuma killing team whatever, while trying to open her heart to freaking Kureha,who still was “rejecting” her, half heartedly, I think only cos she didn’t wanna suffer anymore,duh ( you could of warned her of the trap,if you had any idea,you know?! ),so Ginko tells her everything that happened…-sighs- I kinda hoped she’d just go and try to be happy on her own ( Lulu) cos..well I do want Ginko and Kureha together, I mean,there’s a book and all…and Lulu can go to bear heaven and meet her lil bro,next is final episode,so they better have that stupid promised kiss and are like, queens of Bearhumanland,a new formed world where everyone coexists, or Kureha is turned into a bear,or Ginko a human ,or they have a humanbear baby or something. but they must kiss,they must!! kudos to Ginko for overcoming selfish desire on her own!!

KanColle : At this point everyone may be pretty fucked up…if everyone died…well what kind of anime is that? It’d be interesting..I GUESS,but not this one T_T at least not freaking Kitakami-san…ah but you had to separate the lesbian couple,didn’t you? It looked like she was a goner,but I expect a deus ex machina so Fubuki and Ooichi and everyone makes it on time and everything is ok.  -sighs-

My only happiness left is Strike Witches,haha it ended up being very endearing, Eila and Sanya omg , SO CUTE. Minna and Mio ,kudos for dramatic relationship. The rest are all ok. Gonna watch the movie in a bit,weeee.


Strike Witches…the time has come

I finally decided to watch it, then comes Nanoha, but let’s focus. It’s around 1939, there’s war with the Neuroi ( random invading monster it seems ) and women wear no pants…I thought at first,well ,cos they can’t use the strike thing ( propeller things that go on the legs ) but no woman seems to wear pants…some wear dresses or yukatas or the like, but most just..well ,don’t. So they have magical power and combat these Neuroi,form squads and what not ( I now see why people compared KanColle to this one,only in that aspect tho ) so the story is simple, yes it is ecchi,since they wear no pants.


I am growing accustomed to it ,most of the time I can’t take them seriously,cos they are talking big and being all stiff and sad..then camera pans,and there are no pants…hahaha it must be quite cool tho!! Man..I wish I could do that in summer.

There’s a bunch of girls,so I am only now getting their names right, ahm I like Sanya and Eila ,they seem the only two that could be an actual couple ( the doujin is strong within this series..but then we have Strike witches : red witches, which is made by same manga author so..it must be canon right, there the yuri is much more clear!! Although with other girls, good read ,go for it ) the rest..I don’t know yet, I’m on episode 7 of the first season ( another season,3 OVAS,a movie and apparently a third season is on the way,so it’s gonna be a while ) but we’ll see,so far characters are very likeable, it’s fun,not too serious,not too goofy, and besides the fact it’s beyond panty shots, since no one wears pants..you kinda get used to it,so it’s not tooo echhi.


So far so good, don’t dismiss it just because of the pantless environment, it is actually good fun. I’ll let ya know more.


Ake(u)mi Homura

I had to go with that little joke up there, you japanese people and your name-related jokes!

Anyway, this is the girl Akemi.Homura.full.518014 Nice huh? My newest favourite girl!!

She stars,co-stars,antagonizes on the well known ( I just finished watching yesterday ) and acclaimed Puella Magi Madoka Magica supalong name, so this is gonna be spoilerish… ok?

                              S P O I L E R                                Z O N E 

Ok so she is weak at first, has a heart condition and is pretty much useless,until she meets Madoka who saves her , alongside Mami, from a witch and well she comes to admire her and they become such good friends… until Madoka dies… so  Homura then asks for the chance to re-do her meeting with Madoka and prevent this from happening… the next time Madoka still dies, and the next, in one occasion  Mami goes mad and Madoka has to kill her… then in this other time Madoka asks her not to let her become a witch..so she has to mercy kill her. You can see how this is causing her to grow a little bit colder, and forcing herself to be cool and strong,also may be causing her mind to somehow get frail… the heart condition? No problem, her soul is in the soul gem so her body is more like an empty shell, it also can get you rid of glasses..hmm much better than laser eye surgery.


In the movie, Rebellion, she was being experimented on, cos the Incubators wanted to control this Madoka/Law of cycles, of course there is an infiltration and she is gonna be saved by Madoka…then Homura reveals this is what she was expecting for, grabs Madoka real hard, enough to split her from her Godhood..the human part at least, and absorbs some of this godhoodness and well, her soul gem becomes filled with something even worse than nightmares …. love… she tells this to Kyubeey that this driving emotion is love. So, well there ya go, romantic love from Homura for Madoka ? Yes. A bit of madness? Hmm..well she wants Madoka to experience a normal life..even if Madoka had previously decided not to and instead to save all the other girls… gotta love the earring she gets..after she eh turned into a devil, Homucifer hehe,love that name there.  does Madoka loves her like that? Sadly..i don’t think so..unless she “hasn’t noticed her true feelings” pffff

So yeah she may had gone a bit over the top but… I REALLY HOPE ,we get either another movie or a second season cos it’s obvious it can’t just stay like that. So..yes she defied Madokami and created a very efficient system to collect energy tho.. You may think Kyuubeey won, but he is more like a slave to Homu here. Anyway,like I read in a blog, better a prince in Hell than a slave in Heaven. i’m gonna link you up cos it’s an awesome review of the Rebellion movie.

Ah yes, Kyouko and Sayaka? Still, nothing there,that is wishful thinking , they have another kind of humand bonding methinks, or I’m super blind.


A being who could perform such a feat could only be the Devil, right?

https://animelysis.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/better-a-prince-in-hell-analyzing-madoka-rebellion/    <— That there is a proper and awesome analysis of the Rebellion movie, please do read it!!!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Or Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

What is it with the unnecessary long names?  Seriously… well I had been avoiding this series, due to it’s popularity, as usual, and once more I was wrong, it’s..well … I know there is plenty spoilers online,so I will warn you for when I mention them ( sorry, but some things are good not to be told!! )

First of all


Now, the red haired is Sakura Kyouko ( could never forget that name ), then Maki Sayaka, then Madoka…what is her last name again?..Kaname! yes, oh well, then Tomoe Mami and Akemi Homura. So they are magical girls, fighting against witches, ok? Seems pretty easy and fun!

IT’S NOT Before watching this I watched ( and loved ) Wixoss – Selector and Spread- and noticed how many people kept making comparisons,well.. I now see why, although I think each work has it’s own brilliance.  The common point would be, of course, that you must be careful what you wish for. It’s a series that quickly goes to a darker,gloomy place, characters do  suffer, people die, not necessarily only once either! (The animation is…. different, this is a SHAFT creation after all.)

So if it troubles you that your favourite girls die, repeatedly…and that it’s worse every time you may as well skip this title. ( This ain’t real spoiling, that comes in the movie section )


There is yuri of course, well some people think there isn’t, some others like myself can’t believe any other feeling, other than love would compell a person to perform such actions, so painful , to protect a friend, I mean friendship is super important I LOVE MY FRIENDS, but not in the manner that I’d reset time to try to prevent a horrible death only to keep watching them die over and over and over and over again. <— Spoilerish <—- That sounds way too awful.

Now let me tell you about the ending…cos well, there may be a second season, I hope but for now… here I was thinking Usagi Tsukino and her Sailos Cosmos was DA SHIT. HAH!  This,this magical girl…wow, well I strongly recommend you do watch the whole Madoka series,the movies and well if you can read the manga, I wish I could, that too. If you did or you didn’t but wanna know what is going on then continue ..( IF you like you can watch WixossYūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru and Black rock Shooter ( that one is not soo similar, but it’s freaking awesome!! ) oh and Sasami@Ganbaranai and Suzumiya Haruhi stuff, you’ll see why.)

bit more…

Ok you’ve been warned…

  SPOILER ZONE                           SPOILER ZONE  

There we go, Homura has been resetting time ( I looked up ,it’s been around 100 times total ) so she can prevent Madoka from dying a horrible death, so she tries to re-do their meeting, so Madoka will never become a magical girl ( by the way, they are MEANT to become witches, to generate more energy, damn you Kyubee and your race! give proper explanations beforehand!! ) ,this must of been really painful, ( Madoka does ask this to Homura tho, as we can see on episode 10, on gods know which timeline ) so that’s basically it… Madoka in the last (? can one really use that word here ? ) timeline becomes Ultimate Madoka ( sorry Usagi, this one could kick sailor cosmo’s ass with a nail ) ,she wishes to save all that suffering to magical girls and instead absorbs the grief ( which taints the soul gem which eventually turns said magical girl into a witch ) so they will die “naturally” , so she becomes..the law of cycles,a supreme god/ess basically, rewrites all other timelines and the existence of witches, that of course means she won’t exist either ( she doesn’t undo things like Sayaka’s wish healing that silly boy Kamijou ) … oh and only Homura remembers her ( how sad must that be!! why!!) But she keeps on figthing!! no more witches, now they have wraiths,gotta let them magical girls fight something eh?


Oh that up there,not fanart, it is canon,yes, best friends my arse.

So..we start the movie with a calm, peaceful and colourful world… we suspect right away it’s  A TRAP, so we continue watching…oh my..I so won’t spoil it after all..just keep in mind Homura split Modoka from her god self and well… became a devil/demon herself ah and also the power driven this is called..LOVE

I hope we get more movies,seasons,omg!!!  I am sure Homura loved Madoka in a romantic way, I am not sure about how Madoka felt about her, it seemed a mix between friendship and something else… Kyouko and Sayaka,never saw anything there. Cool buddies, is my radar failing or has Yurikuma spoilt any other yuri for me?

Special mention : Kyubee may not feel emotions but he can damn right think,he questions Madoka as in why is she in grief and suffering, when humans sacrifice animals to eat, and quickly gives her some images of cows and chickens and she freaks out,still she eats them, then it’s blah blah,but was good. POINT FOR YOU. ( I had to type this! ) He got what he deserved!!!

Amano Shuninta

I usually try to search as most works available from the same author as possible, when I really like their style. This has been one of the most amazing mangakas I’ve read, I suspected it was a female one,well, cos if you read the titles you’ll be like “ahh..surely a woman drew this” ,not that men can’t draw classy,funny,tender,adult manga, but ya know,it’s not the general rule.


That’s the cover and back for “Sweet guilty love bites” A collection of stories, 3 girls working in a cabaret. It’s really entertaining, I love the character design,I love that it’s not all schoolgirl lesbians,and I love the different adult situations ,by this I don’t mean only sex,but also things like having kids, sharing a house, working,having a career,etc. Most amazing thing ,along the variety of themes and settings, is the depiction of sex is not over the top nor gross nor too graphic,it’s elegant I dare say.

The coolest ones I’d have to recommend are :

Sweet guilty love bites, hands down,read this first

Dream at dawn, a one shot

Bombshells is another work collecting several stories

Yukemuri Sanctuary , a bath house and several intertwined stories

Philosophia  , university

Ayame 14   Not sure what is this about,but it’s ongoing,nice and slow

Encore! one shot,idols

The feelings we all must endure, honestly I need yet to read this, it seems a bit sad for me,but I will!!

I’m looking forward for new titles ❤

Amano Shuninta-sensei, you rock!!!!



This show is epic win, pure win, so good..kyaaaaa! Ok now seriously it’s been a bit since I’ve watched an anime that left me  smiling and happy and OMGzed.


We have Sasami-san, who is currently being a hikikkomori, her brother who is STRONGLY attached to her, the 3 awesome Yagami sisters, Tsurugi ( 31 looking way younger ,a real perv), Tama ( 9 looking way older,so innocent awww ) and Kagami ❤ 16 ,who is actually a cyborg,with heavy weapon supply.so she’s not really too emotive,but she’s the best out of those 3.


Then we have this   ,cos Kagami was Sasami’s first friend… awww isn’t that cute!!?sasami_kagami_13

gg_Sasami-sanGanbaranai_-_11_DF76A4EDmkv_snapshot_1824_20130324_124908_zps1563c8e8 Yes,cos there’s nothing like having a good talk with your friend and reassuring her with a kiss on the cheek.

I don’t even know how to tell you how amazing it is without spoiling it,so please refer to this proper review https://caribbeanime.wordpress.com/2015/02/27/6th-cariview-sasami-sanganbaranai/

Citrus ( ahhhhgggggggggggn! )

It’s frustrating me…even tho,now that I am commenting about the latest chapter,someone threw a very interesting  theory…if that’s not it,then it’s the “New rival,appears!,wild drama arises,brief closing in,wtf separated by misunderstandings again…wash,rinse,repeat” if that is so I will wait for freaking manga to end, man I think I’d even prefer Yuzu to end up with Matsuri, she’s a brat but she doesn’t go around being silly,she can say exactly what she means.

I wonder how long is the manga intended to be….


I keep reading it cos I do like Yuzu,and the art I find super beautiful.

gotta love the art.

gotta love the art.

Anime anime time

So, a quickie on the shows I’m currently enjoying ( some are not exactly new, since I tend to find jewels now and then,mostly thanks to OG lord )

Yurikuma Arashi :  Yuri-Kuma-Arashi

I’ve wrote more about this one, it’s kinda close to an end and I’im still worried that Ginko may not end up together with Kureha , I just hope the ending is awesome ( Ginko is the purple haired bear girl and Kureha is the blond one. Lulu is the other one,she is so so so cute and funny..man I hope it ends well for her too ) Eh so the story is pretty simple if you pay attention,which Kureha doesn’t seem to do enough… do watch,there is also manga for it,but it has little to do with this,like, only the names and the fact that there are human eating bears..but I’m liking the manga too,so you may as well check it out. BONUS the song,the opening it’s like…like ..sex in a song,long waited for,amazing,wonderful,loving sex.

KantaiCollection : Ship girls…like they are literally ships…although they still look like girls…it’s eh… I can say I like most of the  characters, which is weird for me, I love Kongou sisters,the girl who likes the night,Fubuki <3, the official ( kinda ) couple Kitakami-san and Ooi, Nagato-san and the other one..eh whoever,that seems like they get along well ,that teacher who is super single and sick of it, they are just all fun,and the art for the bad ships or abyssals is pretty nice, makes you think of Black rock Shooter .

KitaOoi <3

KitaOoi ❤


Sailor Moon Crystal : Well it’s a classic!! a better adaptation of the manga, I think, just right now I’m skipping it cos it’s the Chibi part and uughhh, man I hate that kiddo… u_u  sorry Takeuchi Naoko-sensei.


Sasami-san@ganbaranai :This show…this show,remember how excited I was about “No game,no life” and how lucky I felt that I decided to watch it? ( thanks,again,to mister OG Lord ) well, I’m as ,if not more, excited about this show,mythology aside ( which I find cool ) the characters,oh boy, the Yagami sisters won my heart, yes, the 3 of them, specially Kagami and Tsurigi..ok ok Tama too,she’s so cute!! And well, even if the relationship of the bro and sis is a bit eek to me,it doesn’t get actually gross, but please come back for when I’m done with the show ( I’m on ep 8 now,so 4 more ) and you’ll see. Ah yes..have you watched Haruhi Suzumiya? you liked ?…well,you may let out a small yay now and then while watching this then.