This show is epic win, pure win, so good..kyaaaaa! Ok now seriously it’s been a bit since I’ve watched an anime that left me  smiling and happy and OMGzed.


We have Sasami-san, who is currently being a hikikkomori, her brother who is STRONGLY attached to her, the 3 awesome Yagami sisters, Tsurugi ( 31 looking way younger ,a real perv), Tama ( 9 looking way older,so innocent awww ) and Kagami ❤ 16 ,who is actually a cyborg,with heavy weapon she’s not really too emotive,but she’s the best out of those 3.


Then we have this   ,cos Kagami was Sasami’s first friend… awww isn’t that cute!!?sasami_kagami_13

gg_Sasami-sanGanbaranai_-_11_DF76A4EDmkv_snapshot_1824_20130324_124908_zps1563c8e8 Yes,cos there’s nothing like having a good talk with your friend and reassuring her with a kiss on the cheek.

I don’t even know how to tell you how amazing it is without spoiling it,so please refer to this proper review

Citrus ( ahhhhgggggggggggn! )

It’s frustrating me…even tho,now that I am commenting about the latest chapter,someone threw a very interesting  theory…if that’s not it,then it’s the “New rival,appears!,wild drama arises,brief closing in,wtf separated by misunderstandings again…wash,rinse,repeat” if that is so I will wait for freaking manga to end, man I think I’d even prefer Yuzu to end up with Matsuri, she’s a brat but she doesn’t go around being silly,she can say exactly what she means.

I wonder how long is the manga intended to be….


I keep reading it cos I do like Yuzu,and the art I find super beautiful.

gotta love the art.

gotta love the art.

Anime anime time

So, a quickie on the shows I’m currently enjoying ( some are not exactly new, since I tend to find jewels now and then,mostly thanks to OG lord )

Yurikuma Arashi :  Yuri-Kuma-Arashi

I’ve wrote more about this one, it’s kinda close to an end and I’im still worried that Ginko may not end up together with Kureha , I just hope the ending is awesome ( Ginko is the purple haired bear girl and Kureha is the blond one. Lulu is the other one,she is so so so cute and I hope it ends well for her too ) Eh so the story is pretty simple if you pay attention,which Kureha doesn’t seem to do enough… do watch,there is also manga for it,but it has little to do with this,like, only the names and the fact that there are human eating bears..but I’m liking the manga too,so you may as well check it out. BONUS the song,the opening it’s like…like in a song,long waited for,amazing,wonderful,loving sex.

KantaiCollection : Ship girls…like they are literally ships…although they still look like girls…it’s eh… I can say I like most of the  characters, which is weird for me, I love Kongou sisters,the girl who likes the night,Fubuki <3, the official ( kinda ) couple Kitakami-san and Ooi, Nagato-san and the other whoever,that seems like they get along well ,that teacher who is super single and sick of it, they are just all fun,and the art for the bad ships or abyssals is pretty nice, makes you think of Black rock Shooter .

KitaOoi <3

KitaOoi ❤


Sailor Moon Crystal : Well it’s a classic!! a better adaptation of the manga, I think, just right now I’m skipping it cos it’s the Chibi part and uughhh, man I hate that kiddo… u_u  sorry Takeuchi Naoko-sensei.


Sasami-san@ganbaranai :This show…this show,remember how excited I was about “No game,no life” and how lucky I felt that I decided to watch it? ( thanks,again,to mister OG Lord ) well, I’m as ,if not more, excited about this show,mythology aside ( which I find cool ) the characters,oh boy, the Yagami sisters won my heart, yes, the 3 of them, specially Kagami and Tsurigi..ok ok Tama too,she’s so cute!! And well, even if the relationship of the bro and sis is a bit eek to me,it doesn’t get actually gross, but please come back for when I’m done with the show ( I’m on ep 8 now,so 4 more ) and you’ll see. Ah yes..have you watched Haruhi Suzumiya? you liked ?…well,you may let out a small yay now and then while watching this then.