This show is epic win, pure win, so good..kyaaaaa! Ok now seriously it’s been a bit since I’ve watched an anime that left me  smiling and happy and OMGzed.


We have Sasami-san, who is currently being a hikikkomori, her brother who is STRONGLY attached to her, the 3 awesome Yagami sisters, Tsurugi ( 31 looking way younger ,a real perv), Tama ( 9 looking way older,so innocent awww ) and Kagami ❤ 16 ,who is actually a cyborg,with heavy weapon she’s not really too emotive,but she’s the best out of those 3.


Then we have this   ,cos Kagami was Sasami’s first friend… awww isn’t that cute!!?sasami_kagami_13

gg_Sasami-sanGanbaranai_-_11_DF76A4EDmkv_snapshot_1824_20130324_124908_zps1563c8e8 Yes,cos there’s nothing like having a good talk with your friend and reassuring her with a kiss on the cheek.

I don’t even know how to tell you how amazing it is without spoiling it,so please refer to this proper review

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