Amano Shuninta

I usually try to search as most works available from the same author as possible, when I really like their style. This has been one of the most amazing mangakas I’ve read, I suspected it was a female one,well, cos if you read the titles you’ll be like “ahh..surely a woman drew this” ,not that men can’t draw classy,funny,tender,adult manga, but ya know,it’s not the general rule.


That’s the cover and back for “Sweet guilty love bites” A collection of stories, 3 girls working in a cabaret. It’s really entertaining, I love the character design,I love that it’s not all schoolgirl lesbians,and I love the different adult situations ,by this I don’t mean only sex,but also things like having kids, sharing a house, working,having a career,etc. Most amazing thing ,along the variety of themes and settings, is the depiction of sex is not over the top nor gross nor too graphic,it’s elegant I dare say.

The coolest ones I’d have to recommend are :

Sweet guilty love bites, hands down,read this first

Dream at dawn, a one shot

Bombshells is another work collecting several stories

Yukemuri Sanctuary , a bath house and several intertwined stories

Philosophia  , university

Ayame 14   Not sure what is this about,but it’s ongoing,nice and slow

Encore! one shot,idols

The feelings we all must endure, honestly I need yet to read this, it seems a bit sad for me,but I will!!

I’m looking forward for new titles ❤

Amano Shuninta-sensei, you rock!!!!


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