Puella Magi Madoka Magica Or Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

What is it with the unnecessary long names?  Seriously… well I had been avoiding this series, due to it’s popularity, as usual, and once more I was wrong, it’s..well … I know there is plenty spoilers online,so I will warn you for when I mention them ( sorry, but some things are good not to be told!! )

First of all


Now, the red haired is Sakura Kyouko ( could never forget that name ), then Maki Sayaka, then Madoka…what is her last name again?..Kaname! yes, oh well, then Tomoe Mami and Akemi Homura. So they are magical girls, fighting against witches, ok? Seems pretty easy and fun!

IT’S NOT Before watching this I watched ( and loved ) Wixoss – Selector and Spread- and noticed how many people kept making comparisons,well.. I now see why, although I think each work has it’s own brilliance.  The common point would be, of course, that you must be careful what you wish for. It’s a series that quickly goes to a darker,gloomy place, characters do  suffer, people die, not necessarily only once either! (The animation is…. different, this is a SHAFT creation after all.)

So if it troubles you that your favourite girls die, repeatedly…and that it’s worse every time you may as well skip this title. ( This ain’t real spoiling, that comes in the movie section )


There is yuri of course, well some people think there isn’t, some others like myself can’t believe any other feeling, other than love would compell a person to perform such actions, so painful , to protect a friend, I mean friendship is super important I LOVE MY FRIENDS, but not in the manner that I’d reset time to try to prevent a horrible death only to keep watching them die over and over and over and over again. <— Spoilerish <—- That sounds way too awful.

Now let me tell you about the ending…cos well, there may be a second season, I hope but for now… here I was thinking Usagi Tsukino and her Sailos Cosmos was DA SHIT. HAH!  This,this magical girl…wow, well I strongly recommend you do watch the whole Madoka series,the movies and well if you can read the manga, I wish I could, that too. If you did or you didn’t but wanna know what is going on then continue ..( IF you like you can watch WixossYūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru and Black rock Shooter ( that one is not soo similar, but it’s freaking awesome!! ) oh and Sasami@Ganbaranai and Suzumiya Haruhi stuff, you’ll see why.)

bit more…

Ok you’ve been warned…

  SPOILER ZONE                           SPOILER ZONE  

There we go, Homura has been resetting time ( I looked up ,it’s been around 100 times total ) so she can prevent Madoka from dying a horrible death, so she tries to re-do their meeting, so Madoka will never become a magical girl ( by the way, they are MEANT to become witches, to generate more energy, damn you Kyubee and your race! give proper explanations beforehand!! ) ,this must of been really painful, ( Madoka does ask this to Homura tho, as we can see on episode 10, on gods know which timeline ) so that’s basically it… Madoka in the last (? can one really use that word here ? ) timeline becomes Ultimate Madoka ( sorry Usagi, this one could kick sailor cosmo’s ass with a nail ) ,she wishes to save all that suffering to magical girls and instead absorbs the grief ( which taints the soul gem which eventually turns said magical girl into a witch ) so they will die “naturally” , so she becomes..the law of cycles,a supreme god/ess basically, rewrites all other timelines and the existence of witches, that of course means she won’t exist either ( she doesn’t undo things like Sayaka’s wish healing that silly boy Kamijou ) … oh and only Homura remembers her ( how sad must that be!! why!!) But she keeps on figthing!! no more witches, now they have wraiths,gotta let them magical girls fight something eh?


Oh that up there,not fanart, it is canon,yes, best friends my arse.

So..we start the movie with a calm, peaceful and colourful world… we suspect right away it’s  A TRAP, so we continue watching…oh my..I so won’t spoil it after all..just keep in mind Homura split Modoka from her god self and well… became a devil/demon herself ah and also the power driven this is called..LOVE

I hope we get more movies,seasons,omg!!!  I am sure Homura loved Madoka in a romantic way, I am not sure about how Madoka felt about her, it seemed a mix between friendship and something else… Kyouko and Sayaka,never saw anything there. Cool buddies, is my radar failing or has Yurikuma spoilt any other yuri for me?

Special mention : Kyubee may not feel emotions but he can damn right think,he questions Madoka as in why is she in grief and suffering, when humans sacrifice animals to eat, and quickly gives her some images of cows and chickens and she freaks out,still she eats them, then it’s blah blah,but was good. POINT FOR YOU. ( I had to type this! ) He got what he deserved!!!

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