Strike Witches…the time has come

I finally decided to watch it, then comes Nanoha, but let’s focus. It’s around 1939, there’s war with the Neuroi ( random invading monster it seems ) and women wear no pants…I thought at first,well ,cos they can’t use the strike thing ( propeller things that go on the legs ) but no woman seems to wear pants…some wear dresses or yukatas or the like, but most just..well ,don’t. So they have magical power and combat these Neuroi,form squads and what not ( I now see why people compared KanColle to this one,only in that aspect tho ) so the story is simple, yes it is ecchi,since they wear no pants.


I am growing accustomed to it ,most of the time I can’t take them seriously,cos they are talking big and being all stiff and sad..then camera pans,and there are no pants…hahaha it must be quite cool tho!! Man..I wish I could do that in summer.

There’s a bunch of girls,so I am only now getting their names right, ahm I like Sanya and Eila ,they seem the only two that could be an actual couple ( the doujin is strong within this series..but then we have Strike witches : red witches, which is made by same manga author must be canon right, there the yuri is much more clear!! Although with other girls, good read ,go for it ) the rest..I don’t know yet, I’m on episode 7 of the first season ( another season,3 OVAS,a movie and apparently a third season is on the way,so it’s gonna be a while ) but we’ll see,so far characters are very likeable, it’s fun,not too serious,not too goofy, and besides the fact it’s beyond panty shots, since no one wears kinda get used to it,so it’s not tooo echhi.


So far so good, don’t dismiss it just because of the pantless environment, it is actually good fun. I’ll let ya know more.


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