Yuri : Canon or not to canon?

I was reading,as usual, a lot and I ended up in TV tropes, ( seriously that page is awesome !! ) and it mentioned very interesting cases where producers or voice actors or writers or omakes confirmed a couple, or a character’s sexuality, or come pretty close to it, now let us first define canon.

Basically it means it’s official ,not wishful thinking, not misinterpretation , then again sometimes it’s pretty obvious, but personally a confirmation is always welcomed, either a kiss ( da best ), a meaningful “I love you” ( daisuki it’s good but not 100% clear ) , a post sex scene ( Yes , Psycho pass, I’m looking at you ) , official art ( can be still deceitful tho ) so we have some parameters here , based on such I will list what I find canon, you may agree or not, it should provide an interesting  exchange of information. I will skip animes and pairings such as Ginko and Kureha from Yuri Kuma Arashi , Yuru-yuri,Strawberry Panic , Kannazuki No Miko, Sakura trick,Blue drop, Candyboy, Shoujo sect and so on,that is YURI at it’s best for ya! all kisses and all clear.

Togo and Yuna /Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru ,it’s in the visual novel, it’s confirmed  and it’s ALL over the place if you watched the series,it’s like COME ON WOMEN.

this is official..a kissing practice scene..ha from visual novel .told you

this is official..a kissing practice scene..ha from visual novel .told you

Ooi and Kitakami-san /Kantai Collection , At first one may think it’s only Ooi being overprotective,but thanks to the series giving us at least one scene of them in each episode, at least I can say there’s love there, one may play dumb ( yes you Kitakami) but that is love, Ooi even coins the term “moe” over Kitakami xDKTKM_x_OOI

Mutsu & Nagato /Kantai Collection , Ahh almost forget about these two..I didn’t think much of it at first but…later episodes came hehe, and I don’t think we can deny there is at least SOMETHING,going on.


Nanoha & Fate /Magical girl lyrical Nanoha (gee what a long name ) Well there is official art, I’m still watching strikers ,but HMMM, I am pretty sure those two,I mean sharing one bed…reminds me of Mireille and Kirika ( names? ) from Noir, and if not we have director and voice actress to play with this,also omakes kinda make it clear,both from A’s and strikers.ooohh and this alternate reality..called mm Innocence HOLY MOLLY ,yes totally gay,even if with a humorous tone. So yes this is a keeper. MY bad, I almost forget to mention they…raise a freaking child together,in their house,yes Fate-mama and Nanoha-mama. seriously…

official art

official art

Shizuru & Natsuki /Mai- Otome ( never watched Mai-Hime but the artbooks claim those two finally find love in each other, well Natsuki reciprocates it )If you’ve watched the anime,you can clearly see those two are a couple, stated further in CD drama as I read.


Ymir from /Shingeki no Kyojiin- Attack on titan is confirmed on official site as gay and in love with.. Christa. who producer  claims is also gay and also in love with her so Ymir&Christa , we can enjoy such evidence at specials from the anime.


Aya, Alice & Shino /Kiniro Mosaic , let us see, Aya is clearly holding feelings for Yoko, the first episode of the second season just made it SUPA CLEAR, and Alice and Shino… i thought they were being VERY close as friends,but again, first ep on 2nd season was like ❤ come on! Needy,clingy,cute,lovey dovey !!

The Ayaya and Yoko

The Ayaya and Yoko

Short haired blondie is Alice, VERY close to Shino(bu)

Short haired blondie is Alice, VERY close to Shino(bu)

Eila & Sanya, Mio & Minna /Strike witches , well Minno and Mio share a hmm complicated relationship, it won’t get to anything I fear, but it’s interesting nonetheless, on the other hand… Eila and Sanya OMIGOD, Sanya stumbles on Eila’s bed after her shift, every time, this scene… “Sweet duet” ,there’s some art picturing Eila as a prince..on a white horse and all…and it is also confirmed she is like a 16 year old boy who doesn’t know how to tell the girl he likes ( Sanya ) his feelings. ❤  ULTRA CUTE

Some more official art

Some more official art

Official art.

Official art.

Madoka and Homura /Puella Magi Madoka Magica , honestly, I’m not sure Madoka even *likes* Homura that way, since she is like all nice to everyone,but Homura..oh boy… she went very far to keep Madoka close to her…and to try to eh make her life better so yes, come on, I’d love Madoka giving into it already haha

Awesome official art

Awesome official art

Shion & Yayoi /Psycho Pass, badass chicks, minimum screen time but worth every second,also they make the show awesome,specially Yayoi ❤


Sasami & Kagami /Sasami-san@ganbaranai , it’s clear Kagami who is kind of a robot,cyborg,unknown to human emotions developes love for Sasami, I *think* Sasami is not against it ❤


I decided to show ONLY official art or screenshots, so you can see what I mean, I may miss some titles,but well, I can cover them other time.

All in all, I rarely wear yuri goggles, I like things straight ( lol ) in my face, but I’m not too demanding for kisses and weddings all the time . I know, I’m not mentioning some “couples” but it’s cos I just don’t have enough evidence.

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