Yuri top couples

I know, it’s mostly yuri lately..so be it! Best genre ever, is it a genre though ? Or a sub-romance genre? Do share your thoughts on that.

Anyways, please do note that I may not include iconical all time favourite couples for the single fact that :

1.- I haven’t watched the anime or read the manga,hence I don’t have an opinion on it

2.- I am not 100% convinced there is something going on,or say I’m not even 90% convinced

3.- They are “gay” for wrong reasons like, mind control, sex spells, magic, old incarnation’s memories ( looking at you Einhart…dunno what to think yet though )

4.- The -undecided ongoing- ones are still on the making so it’s not certain what will be of them

So let’s get to the good stuff , the order is not really meaningful, each pair has a certain charm to me :

1.-  Himawari and Sakurako , two tsunderes make… good comedy with weird touching sweet moments, of course they hail from Yuru Yuri.

2.- Again from Yuru Yuri , Toshino Kyoku!!! and Ayano Segiura ,haha these two crack me up to the core. Love’em( although I know no couple in Yuru Yuri will get serious,that’s for the Yuri Yuri  title, same author,thanks Namori-sensei,100x more yuri )

3.- Ginko and Kureha from Yuri Kuma Arashi, even if a bit troublesome I LOVED the dramatic story injected with social criticism , plus the ending with KISSES and words of eternal love, no need to wear yuri goggles ( I strongly discourage those anyway ) with these two.

4.- Shizuma and Nagisa, Strawberry Panic! They are a lot cuter in the manga though.

5.- Ooichi and Kitakami-san from KanColle, even if it would seem a bit one sided from Ooi’s side, I re-watched and no matter how you look at it, if you don’t like someone you don’t accept such attention or spend so much time with them, or sleep with them on the same bed and stuff. So yeah

6.- Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san , series has same name. Nekoyama is totally in love with Inugami, who is a total pervert airhead but is also a good person and I think she truly loves the cat girl, of course the manga will end when they two acknowledge this without Aki stopping Inu’s advances.

7.-  Sanya and Eila from Strike Witches, these two were so cute…. so cute, specially on the sweet duet musical scene, want a prince charming-like? Call Eila ,but only works for Sanya ❤

8.- Also from Strike Witches. Mio and Minna, it didn’t develop further but at least on Minna’s side there was something… from Mio..HMMM I don’t know… haven’t made up my mind on it.

9.- Kotone and Shizuku from Sakura Trick, they are the only couple that knows what is going on ,too bad they got so little screen time but I loved every second, they have an uber cute special extra on volume 4 in the manga.

10 .- Yuuna and Togo, from Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru,it seemed pretty obvious to me and it’s later confirmed on a visual novel AND by staff ,so there ya go.

11.- KonoSetsu from Negima!! They become partners in the manga and it’s implied they got married to each other since it was on the same year, again, not as official as I would want it but Setsuna surely seemed to be veeery fond of Konoka.

12.- Miharu-sama and Itsuki-senpai from Otome Saku such an amazing couple,kinda weird how they got together but hey it’s hentai manga.

13.- Mutsu and Nagato from KanColle. They still gotta do more but I think it’s a deal.

Now the dubious ones or special cases….

1.- NanoFate… yes the legendary Nanoha&Fate , what why not on the main list??.. Ugh as much as it pains me… I gathered the information..the seiyus playfully gave an interview where they see Fate-chan as a hard working prince for Nanoha while she cooks, the official art has them appear VERY close, in wedding gowns and stuff…they do shared a bed in striker’s and when Nanoha adopted Vivio, Fate-chan decided she’d be Fate-mama ,this should be enough but for some reason I just can’t feel I feel it in my bones, and now on the Vivid series…they may look like an old couple but I dunno, I guessed I expected a bit more of feels between them. In Innocent ( alternative reality manga ) they appear to be…kinda..closer but it’s not the main canon so I don’t know… please bear with me while I decide upon this.

2.- Shizuru and Natsuki, from Mai Otome, I did not watch Mai-Hime and I don’t think I will, I read that in the artbooks it’s confirmed they do get together -_- but that won’t do for me, in Otome tho they appear as an official couple and I liked them.

3.- NicoMaki, from Love,Live! ,I watched the series, I liked it, I LOVE Maki,she’s super awesome, I am waiting for the movie,but I honestly didn’t see  anything there,oh yes like 2 hugs and a valentine’s chokoreto giving scene that’s on a music video… BUT in this case I first read Ooshima Tomo’s doujinshis, and that got me biased, I think they are perfect together ,I can even say that woman kick started my love for doujinshis ( I looked down on them before,for not being canon ) but they give us what main authors refuse to give us!!! So I ship them for the doujinshi not the actual series.

4.- Ru and Yuki from Wixoss, ahh… I loved IONA ,but I won’t spoil anything about that,so yes there’s Tama but hmm I dunno, I loved char development with Yuki and Ru and the ultimate fusion hehe, I hope in the movie we find out about what exactly happened to all of them.

5.- Iona and Aki-lucky, also from Wixoss, I am not sure ,but it seemed they got together, maybe the movie will tell us more.

6.- Homura and Madoka… from Puella Magic Madoka Magica ( ah screw the name is too complicated xD ) .. hmm it’s CLEAR Homura has strong feelings for Madoka( strong enough to become a devil ), I can say I’m 99% sure they are romantic in nature… but the reason why they are on this list is…. I am not sure on Madoka’s feelings for Homura, that’s the problem with nice girls I never know when that usual kindness and friendliness becomes more than that.

7.- Alice and Shino from Kiniro Mosaic, oh my, I put them here cos show is ongoing,but come on body pillow Shino and Alice picturing a wedding, I think those two are super gay,like super gay.

8.- The Ayaya and Yoko, also from Kiniro Mosaic..oh well, it’s pretty clear on Aya’s side but much for our amusement and sometimes despair Yoko is dense as a log and has failed to notice,while Karen being so clever is well aware of it, I hope they throw a bone at Aya at some point.

9.- Inoue and Asami from Re-kan!, a show about a girl who can communicate with ghosts…and the other girl is terrified but won’t admit it, a real good old fashioned tsundere…the cat ships them, the dead ship them… I ship  them too,but it’s ongoing so….

10.-  Yuzu and Mei … Citrus … good grief…. Saburo Uta, please finish the manga properly and stop throwing random love rivals and give Yuzu some balls and give Mei the ability to freaking communicate.  Again, ongoing so… I think the art is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, that may be the main reason I keep on reading xD

Now my most special mention…. yes…. Ichinomiya Eruna-chan from Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyouku.. there’s so so so much talk on the net about this one…she plays dating sit games..with girls, she crushes on cute girls a lot, she seems to have a major crush on Sasai-senpai, she seems really really really gay,but again there are guys in the anime,so we should be cautious… I’d love if if she remained gay tho, she’s a pervert airhead genki girl with a gold heart. I’ve seen fan art shipping her with stupid art club leader… ugh, I hope it’s useless wishful thinking on some people’s mind and not something that will happen…  Anyway, I shall discuss her thoroughly when the show is done.  Unless it goes het then I’m dropping it like it’s hot.


I think that’s it, yes I can think of some more, but those are the best in my heart. lol

Oh my how could I almost forget…. special prize for Akaza Akane from Yuru Yuri,  why?

Greatest siscon EVER!!! Just noticed the bear cupcake..pedobear? rofl

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