Yuri Kuma Arashi — Manga

So, as you know many works have both manga and anime version,some differ a lot ,some are pretty much the same, some are so different I even doubt they are related haha

Now,we have this,the upside is that it’s being co-written by Ikuhara and… Morishima Akiko-sensei!! One of my favourite mangakas, who on top of all is female,and for what I’ve read,also part of the LGBT community!

Let’s get right into it,the art is super cute , as expected from Morishima Akiko-sensei, the story…oh well… it’s hmm there are bears,there is an invisible storm,but eh how to say it, I’m on chapter 7 and it’s only getting weirder…Like seriously weird, if you ever watched the anime you know the bear thing is KINDA a metaphor, but in this it’s more like…there are birds who are bears…. Oh yeah there are men, at least 3, ( yes those 3 duh ) which is…well I don’t really like them because at least sexy erm president seems like a total jerk and only adds on more drama but oh well.


Feel free to check it out, the main differences are interesting enough to keep on reading..and of course, I am expecting a very weird ending haha.

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