Random Nanceeh of The… month,week, who knows!?

So I’m gonna babble about stuff just because I can,and I usually do but this time is personal. Word by word.

Ok, first I wanna talk about protein shakes, there’s controversy about these, some people won’t take them because they aren’t natural or are too processed,( they are natural,just yeah processed then again,some have weird stuff some don’t, read labels ) that might be interesting but then again it offers great help to hit the protein mark that you desire or need. I don’t think regular people who don’t lift or do some tiring strength training activity should worry about this, at all. But truth is you may want the extra help to achieve a proper protein income to get your goals. I know people have a fixation on protein, specially if they know you are vegan , I’ve gained a decent amount of muscle mass , and I’ve been vegan for 2 years almost now,was a vegetarian before for about 13 years, the times when I did lose mass it was my own fault,for not eating enough calories/food/nutritious food and being lazy, I’ll be honest. I just took gym seriously past December,and my new total approach to it is merely 1 week old,so I will tell you it goes in about 1 or 2 months.


Anyway back on the theme, I guess it comes down to a personal choice,as most things end up being… I do choose to take a protein shake with oats,blueberries,raspberries and/or strawberries and maybe a banana,a tablespoon of chia and 1 cup of vegetable milk. I feel fine and it’s satisfying, I can’t tell  you if it does make a difference,but it does at least in one aspect, I cook for my whole family and I love doing it!! But also, I try to make 5 meals a day, so I get bored if I didn’t cook many different things,hence I LOVE fruit, I just pack a lot and call it one meal down. So,when I’m tired from gym, I come home and have my shake, it’s delicious,and then I can relax,and have a small silly dinner,mostly veggies, about 2-3 hours before sleep,or else I won’t be hungry for breakfast. So do drink or do not drink protein shakes, at least those are like just concentrated protein sources, I don’t know nor do I care about BCAA’s or NO or anything like it,so I won’t say anything about those.

Another thing was this weekend, it was my first weekend not chain-drinking when I met with friends, I brought my 2 craft beers to the gathering,my own food,since it was hamburger day ( we usually meet up to eat,they had always included something we could all eat,since I’m the only vegan/non-meat eater even last time they made a 100% vegan dish !! ) but yesterday it was their turn,they wanted greasy burgers lol, so we had a hamburger day. I brought 2 chickpea+veggies patties and sunflower seed spread. It was…fine,well I have to admit it, I was shocked that one of my friends who was a vegetarian,then vegan,then vegetarian,then ate some sausages ,was eating the burgers..I mean sure, from a sausage to that it’s a simple step, people can do whatever they like, I just selfishly miss the one close person to me who I could share that aspect of my life. But none of that matters since at home it’s a a safe haven and my mom is happy being vegan.

Anyway I’m like going stray, the whole meeting was ok, I drank slowly,I played the videogames, the eating part was actually ok…EXCEPT for one thing, I know much better than getting upset at people’s comments,specially coming from a very playful person but.. I dunno,it just bothered me, I brought up my tupper ,and K asked what was that? cos it didn’t look like food,then S ( former veggie person ) said my sunflower seed spread tasted weird ( we had some last time she came home  ) and I was like… well yes,some “new” foods are different than the usual hot dogs and mayo and cheese, but it doesn’t mean they are “bad” , we just aren’t used to them, gee, I had never eaten a single kind of berry till I turned vegan,and now I love them.

So in short,it was ok but I am not gonna attend another meeting when it’s ALL meat time, I had attended several grilled reunions,those are much better! I just bring along my pan and then everyone can share the guacamole, heck,last time they all ate vegetarian chorizo!! So… I’m gonna stick with that cos otherwise I get uncomfy. On the drinking part, it was certainly different, I guess I just did things way too opposite from every single person then and that kinda left me feeling outta place. I think it’s all good cos it means even less chances for going out which means, better care of my body and mind and less spending. I’ll think about it all. Things are changing quite fast, I wonder where will this take me .

Gone Girl ( 2014 )

So.. Ben Affleck has always seemed a bit weird to me, like his back is way too broad or he has a neck too short, anyway he can act after all!!! I just watched this movie…

MAN, the woman , Rosamund Pike ( Amy Dunne in the movie ) she’s like seriously fucking nuts, I thought I had seen psychos and criminal master minds…and then there was her … I rarely write about human characters that aren’t drawn, as you may have noticed, but this movie… man, I love it when you think a movie is gonna be ok or not too bad and it ends up having you biting your fingertips ( can’t bite my nails, I love them ) ,it really gets you going whoaa! Because yeah, it is obvious the husband didn’t do it, but come on, she is like, what a fruitful imagination, the way to deceive… scary, the living are always scarier.

Doesn't she remind you of Audrey Tautou ?? Like a lot?

Doesn’t she remind you of Audrey Tautou ?? Like a lot?

Go watch it if you haven’t!!! oh  Neil Patrick Harris is there too, you can never go wrong with that gentleman .

Ana Satsujin

So this manga…well it’s about a serial killer, who is like super gorgeous and the idiot who lives next to her, and discovers her secret eh hobby…there’s also a transgender,intersexual? corpse dealer ( I don’t know if that’s a freaking profession or not!) and well all sorts of goodies, it gets a bit gory, since we have more than one killer haha, it seems it’ll be a long one, it’s on chapter 70 and ongoing, I’m on chapter 35. I promise I will learn japanese enough to learn some manga before I turn 40.

Ana Satsujin 14_cartoonclub-th_001

Now,go and enjoy ,if you like murder,otherwise..well you may wanna read some Shoujo manga .

Also,I’ve learnt it’s best to leave peepholes alone, people behind those walls usually end up being loony.

Working out Pros & Cons

Ok for every person the psychological benefits of regular exercise may vary.  The ones that can’t be denied are for example, a better mood due to the increase in endorphins, better sleep ( I sleep so well cos I end up so tired haha ) , cardiovascular improvement, better muscle tone, better digestion, better blood flow, lower risk of diabetes and cardio diseases, a better chance of fending back bone density loss as we age ( esp for women who train strenght )

Now on the interesting part, the  super awesome benefits I’ve personally got from regularly attending to gym ( you can do crossfit, run at the park, do MMA, anything you like ) are several ,for example :

1.- No eating disorders on sight. I am NOT saying you can’t have them, I’m dead sure you can, but for me it was the contrary, you cannot expect to perform well at the gym or any demanding regime without eating, or eating enough or eating properly, sure you may kinda finish through. But the real “Ah I killed this, I KILLED IT!” feeling,nah you won’t get that cos if you don’t have “fuel” you will feel faint and dizzy.

2.- Improved self esteem. Well yeah, specially if you were obese like me,due to X many factors, losing that weight, and realizing weight is not really important but % of muscle and fat,well it’s simply awesome, plus you get to buy super cute clothing hehe. Imagine how happy I was when my little butt started to get nice and round ahh the bliss, thank  you sumo squats . And I don’t mind weighing almost 60 kilos as long as it’s mostly muscle .

3.- Better habits. Can’t go out party all night and expect to have a good go at the gym, you just can’t do as well, also you can save those bucks for the protein shake. Yeah you can enjoy say, good wine or good beer,but it’s likely to be way less than usual, not a 6 pack,but 1-2, maybe 3,and that shows. Also you tend to wake up and sleep at a set time. You also may end up eating cleaner, cos full on sugar and sodium you won’t feel well if you do train hard.

4.-  Confidence overall. Hell yeah!!  you don’t have to rely so much on others to do stuff,like, I can carry my 20 liters water container on my own, I bet I could run with it for a while haha, I can move stuff around,and I am pretty satisfied I can perform at least 5 complete proper pull ups, the human body is amazing and can do amazing stuff if we cooperate with it.

5.- You look hot. Or eventually will do, people may say that doesn’t matter,well I wanna look the best I can, you must keep in mind that everyone has a different body type,and that some may never develop  sculpted abs no matter how clean they eat and how hard they work,but that’s fine too,yo, I was sure I’d be ass flatted forever,and it turned out not to be true, so I’m like exploring how far can I take it all.

As for cons… well

1.- Possible injury. Especially if you over do it, then again you can twist an ankle just walking so yeah,it’s not as bad, unless you are a pro player,then you will surely have major injuries,but that’s not our case.

2.- People thinking you are shallow. Well, I’d think it’s them being shallow if they think just because someone works out and is cautious with food and yeah,how she/he looks it’s cos that’s all that matters,cos it’s not,it is a damn good part, I’ll admit it,but people are more than that, we like to read,play,listen to music,go to movies,some of us are vegan,some are paleo ,some are regular omni ,some are vegetarian some eat tons of suplements,some don’t. We are people xD

3.- People yelling “Vigorexia!” just cos you add some jogging or decide to workout 6 days a week when possible. Eh people , vigorexia is a problem and it is real, but come on, for example, I do my routine which is like 45-60 mins long, 5-6 times a week, I run a few laps before or after, somedays I do bike, somedays I do eliptic machine, and somedays I just go nutty and do pull ups till I drop, still doesn’t quailify as having the disease. When you see me working out 4 times a day , every day then you may worry . But then body needs to rest,so no.

4.- People thinking you just wanna lose weight. Well no, wanna add some muscle and drop some fat, but weight is no longer of relevance, except weight you can carry, -wink-

5.- Spending more on sporty gear. Yes, my nicest clothes are gym ones,still need new ones tho, some have tiny holes sniff .

Ahhh most cons are related to other people…how surprising…not .. haha.

So that is how it is, if you still don’t feel like it then don’t, and if you do, don’t be silly and think people not doing the same things you do aren’t as good, yeah I do think women lifting a 3 pounds dumbell is not really gonna do anything for them, I understand if it’s at the beginning but come on after 5 months I am SURE they can lift more,then again gym myths …

This may be the true reason haha

This may be the true reason haha

A new life, a better life

Ok so finally the love I hold for myself shines strong and bright. I am as of a now,a person who doesn’t smoke, also I have decided to trade those 3-5 kinda cheap silly beers for 1-2 good quality slightly nutrient ones. Recently, yesterday, I had one of the best hum dates,(was it a date? I dunno yet, hope it was haha), that I have had in like forever , we shared a vegan carrot pie for crying out loud!! and we had a pulque drink afterwards, lot of interesting talking and what not. Ah and she is freaking cute,like seriously cute.

Also it made me realize I do want a person who looks after herself, who likes working out some and who gives a damn fuck about what she is eating ya know? I haven’t thought enough about this but it’s really important, you can share and understand things no one else would actually even care about haha,so yeah it’s awesome. ❤

So, yeah I’m finally someone who willingly and without pouting wakes up at 6:30 in the SATURDAY morning to attend gym, now how cool is that, so along with my smarter choices when it comes to drinks and adhering to my eating schedule even on the weekend, I’m gonna be fit and hot in no time, mark my words.

M a r k       them.

Related but in another language haha.

Related but in another language haha.

Gakkou Gurashi

School life and zombie apocalypse.  It’s one of the best mixes I’ve ever dared to dream about


That’s mmm Megu-nee,Yuki,Ri,Kuromi and Miki that you can’t see her face properly.

The best of course is Kuromi all bad ass and stuff,also she fights with a shovel.

Ok story WITHOUT spoilers cos it’s really good, these girls have a school life club, cos life is quiet and cheerful…they never leave school grounds,they have rules like never going alone at night and stuff… suspicious? Yeah turns out there was a zombie apocalypse… few remain, zombies roam, etc, this is like the premise so everyone already knows,what is interesting of course it’s the background of the girls, how they relate to each other and all that jazz. Ah yes,one of them is nutty…well that might or might not change eventually hehehehehe.

There is an anime ready for this ❤ I had to go and read the awesome manga before of course u.u  but I know better than to expect anything ,so I’ll just watch and hope it’s really good whether it’s true to the original or another version

Kudos for this one, it does get kinda sad now and then though, it gives you hope and then…it takes it away from you .


This is a manga I skipped several times, while surfing the yuri tag on sites…oh boy was I wrong..or was I ? I thought it was another piece of mafia boss being a high school girl…and yeah it is but it’s really brutal, I mean, have you read Murcielago ? well that one is for babies and toddlers compared to this one.

We  have Bullet and Francesca, who are super pro killers, they work for a mafia boss, oh they 3 attend highschool of course, cause come one. Bullet has glasses and likes to use a gun, Francesca likes axes, bad ass huge axes, and Francisca seems to be a type of axe,so there ya go with the names.

What can you expect? Well they are young and brutal, Francesca has large scars on her arms and legs, we learn this has a clear yet mysterious origin ( it’s 6 volumes so far, ongoing but only 3 translated for now ) , Bullet seems to desdain all human life, yet she kinda warms up to Francesca. The work has the yuri tag, which I was confused as to why, since the main characters seem either straight or just not interested at all.




So with this said, there are pedophiles, child abuse and trade in the black market, gang rapes, rapes, a lot of murder, guts and brains and blood scattered all over the place, psychological torture, verbal abuse, violence.

Bullet was gang raped when she was a child, I don’t know yet but it seems that’s why she is cold and distant..well seems like a good reason. Deep down she is kinda nice I think.

Francesca…she had some sort of surgery…please think of Wolverine ,also her teeth are made of something weird and she can tear flesh off. She was sold as a kid or something cos she has a spot for abandoned kiddos or small animals.

Is there any yuri? Yeah, I did take a glimpse on raws ( a small one cos I do wanna know what’s going on and I ,sadly, can’t read japanese ) and well..there is this group of killers, who are sent out after mafia boss girl and humm how to say it…one is a travesti or something, the other 2 are “normal” for what it seems,one has a prostetic arm where she yields her weapon oh and she seems to like girls, you can see her raping mafia boss ( forcibly touching her and stimulating her orally can be considered rape I think ) and I think she shoots her vagina..I don’t know…I stopped cos I do wanna understand.

So…it isn’t pretty,at all, but it is quite interesting. If you don’t get disgusted by pedophiles raping and trading kids, or extreme violence or people sewing their own stomachs,go ahead.

Kanamemo Review ( Anime and a bit of the manga )

Well I picked this up cos I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, of course thanks to Mr. OG-man, you know the guy who runs this The G Empire , and while the whole lolicon thing kinda put me off, I still wanted to see for myself,also the official couple looked cute enough.

Man I was right ❤ snapshot20090801212320 just look at those, what I loved about these 2 is that they are undoubtedly a couple, they share a fair amount of sweet,cute, sexy and funny moments, they kiss in the very first episode, they feed each other and all that kind of things. How cute is that? Lots!! So for us yuri and anime fans, a well established couple , that actually do coupley things it’s quite rare, cos most works are like about the building up, or it just doesn’t get to that point, or they don’t get as much screen time ( Yo Natsuki and Shizuru from Otome,looking at you ) So this was incredibly awesome.


blue hair is pedo,light brown is orphan kid, pink haired one is eh her new friend, light purple is boss, blondie clinging to tall one is Yume and Yuki is tall one. the other one likes money.

Now the rest,well Haruka (?) the pedo one…you’ll know that’s kinda not what’s really going on with her…if you do read the manga hehe, otherwise I’m not gonna say more about it,but her background/story makes you go like “ah…so this is why..awww” it’s kinda sad and no, it doesn’t involve rape or child abuse,don’t even think about it, ( there is a title with such subjects but that’s next review ) so in the anime she’s kinda..the funny part cos she gets smacked around, and she’s an alcoholic, so she’s ok, she has flaws, like we all do but still she tries to be a good person.

The one who likes money is ok, not too memorable for me, the kiddo that lost her granny is of course the one that made me shed some tears, hehe, and her eh friend Mika…loli love is true love haha. Oh right the boss, she’s like the youngest, I usually don’t like kids, this one is bearable cos she’s like an adult of course, stern and what not,also cheap , oh right her song,well the song about her on the pool musical special ( don’t you ask ) is really really good.

If you wanna dwell a bit more on the kiddos ,do read the manga, there it’s more clear what’s going on, THOUGH the Yuuki and Yume thing is hmm, they remain a couple of course but it’s mostly hinted, you don’t see kisses or the playful acts.

So, do read the manga to fully understand the pedo Haruka,and to see how the kiddos get along ( wink ) but do watch the anime for the awesome Yume and Yuuki it is priceless 3


Useful guideline to successful dating ( yet to prove it’s efficacy )

I just thought I’d write something like this, I don’t think there is a sure way to to things, or a right way, but I am considering that changing certain actions may end with better results. For example, I don’t have a girlfriend now, and who knows when will I, I will cos I want one eventually, but I don’t think i’m ever gonna move in with someone , I don’t like that sort of pressure, but you know I also don’t like just fooling around so.. gonna find me a nice middle point, a cool funny decent gf that is not attached like a third limb but that also has time that wants to spend with me. With this said … I’d prefer if we don’t hang out with my friends….last time this happened she ended up worrying about the imminent break up mostly cos we ( she ) would miss a camping trip with my friends ¬¬ also she feared they wouldn’t wanna hang out with her anymore ( which only one does cos the rest never really liked her haha ,golden ) So, I think I don’t want to introduce this said gf to my friends until it’s been..like 4 months,and even so,we ain’t gonna all hang out, friends are friends, partners are partners, unless she already knew some of them..then we can meet some very random ,few times. This leads to… I don’t want a key chain gf, like,well yes, most of my friends,if not all, if you invite them,they bring the gf…it’s usually cool cos for some reason or other we are all friends,but then some are “new” people, it’s ok to meet them,but if it’s a “girl’s night out” or a meeting for close friends who don’t see each other much …why would you bring your gf? do that on double dates or I dunno. I am aware you wanna spend time with your friends,and with your gf ,well do it separately. ( I have to confess I was guilty into pressing my ex ex into taking me with her friends…it turned out pretty boring anyway cos she didn’t pay attention to me xD so I learnt, thank you ) I’d like to meet or get to know someone a little bit longer than 1 month,then we may think it’s a good idea to properly date, I have never really took things slow, ( slowest was..4 dates and we became a couple..) so i’d like to try that one for now. A lesbian,not a bisexual girl, yo I’m not discriminating, some people prefer I don’t know, blondes or latinas, well it’s been ages since I have dated a lesbian girly, and the past experiences with bi girls have been..well not to my liking,so i’m gonna not step into that zone, unless she is really really cool then I don’t care, I think she should be faithful just due to her personality not her preference,or that’s what I wanna think.

Not a heavy weed smoker, no, I won’t have that again.Like smoking while showering,before sleeping, when eating,to take the bus,when waking up,when going for a walk, good lord and lady no, a bit now and then it’s fine.

If I could find a girl who is a vegan and we get along and shit that’d be like…super awesome,but well, i am aware we are around 1% of the WORLD population,so I know it’s a long shot,so a vegetarian will do,or someone who likes trying new stuff and doesn’t feel like dying if there’s no meat in their plate. I would certainly enjoy the company of a lady who has at least some interest in either horror movies, or anime or sci-fi or geeky stuff or is at least open to the idea to get to know more of such things. I think that’d be it…seeing each other when we wanted to, no need to promise stuff, have plenty of trust, being able to leave whenever one feels like it,being free to talk about stuff… Yeh sounds good. Oh right she has to drink at least a little, it’s too damn boring otherwise and I love craft beer.Oh yes she should be charming and polite. And she should look after herself!! and like to do some workout at least. Come on don’t be lazy xD