Useful guideline to successful dating ( yet to prove it’s efficacy )

I just thought I’d write something like this, I don’t think there is a sure way to to things, or a right way, but I am considering that changing certain actions may end with better results. For example, I don’t have a girlfriend now, and who knows when will I, I will cos I want one eventually, but I don’t think i’m ever gonna move in with someone , I don’t like that sort of pressure, but you know I also don’t like just fooling around so.. gonna find me a nice middle point, a cool funny decent gf that is not attached like a third limb but that also has time that wants to spend with me. With this said … I’d prefer if we don’t hang out with my friends….last time this happened she ended up worrying about the imminent break up mostly cos we ( she ) would miss a camping trip with my friends ¬¬ also she feared they wouldn’t wanna hang out with her anymore ( which only one does cos the rest never really liked her haha ,golden ) So, I think I don’t want to introduce this said gf to my friends until it’s 4 months,and even so,we ain’t gonna all hang out, friends are friends, partners are partners, unless she already knew some of them..then we can meet some very random ,few times. This leads to… I don’t want a key chain gf, like,well yes, most of my friends,if not all, if you invite them,they bring the gf…it’s usually cool cos for some reason or other we are all friends,but then some are “new” people, it’s ok to meet them,but if it’s a “girl’s night out” or a meeting for close friends who don’t see each other much …why would you bring your gf? do that on double dates or I dunno. I am aware you wanna spend time with your friends,and with your gf ,well do it separately. ( I have to confess I was guilty into pressing my ex ex into taking me with her friends…it turned out pretty boring anyway cos she didn’t pay attention to me xD so I learnt, thank you ) I’d like to meet or get to know someone a little bit longer than 1 month,then we may think it’s a good idea to properly date, I have never really took things slow, ( slowest was..4 dates and we became a couple..) so i’d like to try that one for now. A lesbian,not a bisexual girl, yo I’m not discriminating, some people prefer I don’t know, blondes or latinas, well it’s been ages since I have dated a lesbian girly, and the past experiences with bi girls have been..well not to my liking,so i’m gonna not step into that zone, unless she is really really cool then I don’t care, I think she should be faithful just due to her personality not her preference,or that’s what I wanna think.

Not a heavy weed smoker, no, I won’t have that again.Like smoking while showering,before sleeping, when eating,to take the bus,when waking up,when going for a walk, good lord and lady no, a bit now and then it’s fine.

If I could find a girl who is a vegan and we get along and shit that’d be like…super awesome,but well, i am aware we are around 1% of the WORLD population,so I know it’s a long shot,so a vegetarian will do,or someone who likes trying new stuff and doesn’t feel like dying if there’s no meat in their plate. I would certainly enjoy the company of a lady who has at least some interest in either horror movies, or anime or sci-fi or geeky stuff or is at least open to the idea to get to know more of such things. I think that’d be it…seeing each other when we wanted to, no need to promise stuff, have plenty of trust, being able to leave whenever one feels like it,being free to talk about stuff… Yeh sounds good. Oh right she has to drink at least a little, it’s too damn boring otherwise and I love craft beer.Oh yes she should be charming and polite. And she should look after herself!! and like to do some workout at least. Come on don’t be lazy xD



  1. I think you forgot the last line, she should be a “locodol” XD

    • Hahaha THAT one may be a bit too much to ask, but it’d surely rock

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