Gakkou Gurashi

School life and zombie apocalypse.  It’s one of the best mixes I’ve ever dared to dream about


That’s mmm Megu-nee,Yuki,Ri,Kuromi and Miki that you can’t see her face properly.

The best of course is Kuromi all bad ass and stuff,also she fights with a shovel.

Ok story WITHOUT spoilers cos it’s really good, these girls have a school life club, cos life is quiet and cheerful…they never leave school grounds,they have rules like never going alone at night and stuff… suspicious? Yeah turns out there was a zombie apocalypse… few remain, zombies roam, etc, this is like the premise so everyone already knows,what is interesting of course it’s the background of the girls, how they relate to each other and all that jazz. Ah yes,one of them is nutty…well that might or might not change eventually hehehehehe.

There is an anime ready for this ❤ I had to go and read the awesome manga before of course u.u  but I know better than to expect anything ,so I’ll just watch and hope it’s really good whether it’s true to the original or another version

Kudos for this one, it does get kinda sad now and then though, it gives you hope and then…it takes it away from you .

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