Kanamemo Review ( Anime and a bit of the manga )

Well I picked this up cos I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, of course thanks to Mr. OG-man, you know the guy who runs this The G Empire , and while the whole lolicon thing kinda put me off, I still wanted to see for myself,also the official couple looked cute enough.

Man I was right ❤ snapshot20090801212320 just look at those, what I loved about these 2 is that they are undoubtedly a couple, they share a fair amount of sweet,cute, sexy and funny moments, they kiss in the very first episode, they feed each other and all that kind of things. How cute is that? Lots!! So for us yuri and anime fans, a well established couple , that actually do coupley things it’s quite rare, cos most works are like about the building up, or it just doesn’t get to that point, or they don’t get as much screen time ( Yo Natsuki and Shizuru from Otome,looking at you ) So this was incredibly awesome.


blue hair is pedo,light brown is orphan kid, pink haired one is eh her new friend, light purple is boss, blondie clinging to tall one is Yume and Yuki is tall one. the other one likes money.

Now the rest,well Haruka (?) the pedo one…you’ll know that’s kinda not what’s really going on with her…if you do read the manga hehe, otherwise I’m not gonna say more about it,but her background/story makes you go like “ah…so this is why..awww” it’s kinda sad and no, it doesn’t involve rape or child abuse,don’t even think about it, ( there is a title with such subjects but that’s next review ) so in the anime she’s kinda..the funny part cos she gets smacked around, and she’s an alcoholic, so she’s ok, she has flaws, like we all do but still she tries to be a good person.

The one who likes money is ok, not too memorable for me, the kiddo that lost her granny is of course the one that made me shed some tears, hehe, and her eh friend Mika…loli love is true love haha. Oh right the boss, she’s like the youngest, I usually don’t like kids, this one is bearable cos she’s like an adult of course, stern and what not,also cheap , oh right her song,well the song about her on the pool musical special ( don’t you ask ) is really really good.

If you wanna dwell a bit more on the kiddos ,do read the manga, there it’s more clear what’s going on, THOUGH the Yuuki and Yume thing is hmm, they remain a couple of course but it’s mostly hinted, you don’t see kisses or the playful acts.

So, do read the manga to fully understand the pedo Haruka,and to see how the kiddos get along ( wink ) but do watch the anime for the awesome Yume and Yuuki it is priceless 3


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