This is a manga I skipped several times, while surfing the yuri tag on sites…oh boy was I wrong..or was I ? I thought it was another piece of mafia boss being a high school girl…and yeah it is but it’s really brutal, I mean, have you read Murcielago ? well that one is for babies and toddlers compared to this one.

We  have Bullet and Francesca, who are super pro killers, they work for a mafia boss, oh they 3 attend highschool of course, cause come one. Bullet has glasses and likes to use a gun, Francesca likes axes, bad ass huge axes, and Francisca seems to be a type of axe,so there ya go with the names.

What can you expect? Well they are young and brutal, Francesca has large scars on her arms and legs, we learn this has a clear yet mysterious origin ( it’s 6 volumes so far, ongoing but only 3 translated for now ) , Bullet seems to desdain all human life, yet she kinda warms up to Francesca. The work has the yuri tag, which I was confused as to why, since the main characters seem either straight or just not interested at all.




So with this said, there are pedophiles, child abuse and trade in the black market, gang rapes, rapes, a lot of murder, guts and brains and blood scattered all over the place, psychological torture, verbal abuse, violence.

Bullet was gang raped when she was a child, I don’t know yet but it seems that’s why she is cold and distant..well seems like a good reason. Deep down she is kinda nice I think.

Francesca…she had some sort of surgery…please think of Wolverine ,also her teeth are made of something weird and she can tear flesh off. She was sold as a kid or something cos she has a spot for abandoned kiddos or small animals.

Is there any yuri? Yeah, I did take a glimpse on raws ( a small one cos I do wanna know what’s going on and I ,sadly, can’t read japanese ) and well..there is this group of killers, who are sent out after mafia boss girl and humm how to say it…one is a travesti or something, the other 2 are “normal” for what it seems,one has a prostetic arm where she yields her weapon oh and she seems to like girls, you can see her raping mafia boss ( forcibly touching her and stimulating her orally can be considered rape I think ) and I think she shoots her vagina..I don’t know…I stopped cos I do wanna understand.

So…it isn’t pretty,at all, but it is quite interesting. If you don’t get disgusted by pedophiles raping and trading kids, or extreme violence or people sewing their own stomachs,go ahead.

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