A new life, a better life

Ok so finally the love I hold for myself shines strong and bright. I am as of a now,a person who doesn’t smoke, also I have decided to trade those 3-5 kinda cheap silly beers for 1-2 good quality slightly nutrient ones. Recently, yesterday, I had one of the best hum dates,(was it a date? I dunno yet, hope it was haha), that I have had in like forever , we shared a vegan carrot pie for crying out loud!! and we had a pulque drink afterwards, lot of interesting talking and what not. Ah and she is freaking cute,like seriously cute.

Also it made me realize I do want a person who looks after herself, who likes working out some and who gives a damn fuck about what she is eating ya know? I haven’t thought enough about this but it’s really important, you can share and understand things no one else would actually even care about haha,so yeah it’s awesome. ❤

So, yeah I’m finally someone who willingly and without pouting wakes up at 6:30 in the SATURDAY morning to attend gym, now how cool is that, so along with my smarter choices when it comes to drinks and adhering to my eating schedule even on the weekend, I’m gonna be fit and hot in no time, mark my words.

M a r k       them.

Related but in another language haha.

Related but in another language haha.

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