Working out Pros & Cons

Ok for every person the psychological benefits of regular exercise may vary.  The ones that can’t be denied are for example, a better mood due to the increase in endorphins, better sleep ( I sleep so well cos I end up so tired haha ) , cardiovascular improvement, better muscle tone, better digestion, better blood flow, lower risk of diabetes and cardio diseases, a better chance of fending back bone density loss as we age ( esp for women who train strenght )

Now on the interesting part, the  super awesome benefits I’ve personally got from regularly attending to gym ( you can do crossfit, run at the park, do MMA, anything you like ) are several ,for example :

1.- No eating disorders on sight. I am NOT saying you can’t have them, I’m dead sure you can, but for me it was the contrary, you cannot expect to perform well at the gym or any demanding regime without eating, or eating enough or eating properly, sure you may kinda finish through. But the real “Ah I killed this, I KILLED IT!” feeling,nah you won’t get that cos if you don’t have “fuel” you will feel faint and dizzy.

2.- Improved self esteem. Well yeah, specially if you were obese like me,due to X many factors, losing that weight, and realizing weight is not really important but % of muscle and fat,well it’s simply awesome, plus you get to buy super cute clothing hehe. Imagine how happy I was when my little butt started to get nice and round ahh the bliss, thank  you sumo squats . And I don’t mind weighing almost 60 kilos as long as it’s mostly muscle .

3.- Better habits. Can’t go out party all night and expect to have a good go at the gym, you just can’t do as well, also you can save those bucks for the protein shake. Yeah you can enjoy say, good wine or good beer,but it’s likely to be way less than usual, not a 6 pack,but 1-2, maybe 3,and that shows. Also you tend to wake up and sleep at a set time. You also may end up eating cleaner, cos full on sugar and sodium you won’t feel well if you do train hard.

4.-  Confidence overall. Hell yeah!!  you don’t have to rely so much on others to do stuff,like, I can carry my 20 liters water container on my own, I bet I could run with it for a while haha, I can move stuff around,and I am pretty satisfied I can perform at least 5 complete proper pull ups, the human body is amazing and can do amazing stuff if we cooperate with it.

5.- You look hot. Or eventually will do, people may say that doesn’t matter,well I wanna look the best I can, you must keep in mind that everyone has a different body type,and that some may never develop  sculpted abs no matter how clean they eat and how hard they work,but that’s fine too,yo, I was sure I’d be ass flatted forever,and it turned out not to be true, so I’m like exploring how far can I take it all.

As for cons… well

1.- Possible injury. Especially if you over do it, then again you can twist an ankle just walking so yeah,it’s not as bad, unless you are a pro player,then you will surely have major injuries,but that’s not our case.

2.- People thinking you are shallow. Well, I’d think it’s them being shallow if they think just because someone works out and is cautious with food and yeah,how she/he looks it’s cos that’s all that matters,cos it’s not,it is a damn good part, I’ll admit it,but people are more than that, we like to read,play,listen to music,go to movies,some of us are vegan,some are paleo ,some are regular omni ,some are vegetarian some eat tons of suplements,some don’t. We are people xD

3.- People yelling “Vigorexia!” just cos you add some jogging or decide to workout 6 days a week when possible. Eh people , vigorexia is a problem and it is real, but come on, for example, I do my routine which is like 45-60 mins long, 5-6 times a week, I run a few laps before or after, somedays I do bike, somedays I do eliptic machine, and somedays I just go nutty and do pull ups till I drop, still doesn’t quailify as having the disease. When you see me working out 4 times a day , every day then you may worry . But then body needs to rest,so no.

4.- People thinking you just wanna lose weight. Well no, wanna add some muscle and drop some fat, but weight is no longer of relevance, except weight you can carry, -wink-

5.- Spending more on sporty gear. Yes, my nicest clothes are gym ones,still need new ones tho, some have tiny holes sniff .

Ahhh most cons are related to other people…how surprising…not .. haha.

So that is how it is, if you still don’t feel like it then don’t, and if you do, don’t be silly and think people not doing the same things you do aren’t as good, yeah I do think women lifting a 3 pounds dumbell is not really gonna do anything for them, I understand if it’s at the beginning but come on after 5 months I am SURE they can lift more,then again gym myths …

This may be the true reason haha

This may be the true reason haha

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