Gone Girl ( 2014 )

So.. Ben Affleck has always seemed a bit weird to me, like his back is way too broad or he has a neck too short, anyway he can act after all!!! I just watched this movie…

MAN, the woman , Rosamund Pike ( Amy Dunne in the movie ) she’s like seriously fucking nuts, I thought I had seen psychos and criminal master minds…and then there was her … I rarely write about human characters that aren’t drawn, as you may have noticed, but this movie… man, I love it when you think a movie is gonna be ok or not too bad and it ends up having you biting your fingertips ( can’t bite my nails, I love them ) ,it really gets you going whoaa! Because yeah, it is obvious the husband didn’t do it, but come on, she is like, what a fruitful imagination, the way to deceive… scary, the living are always scarier.

Doesn't she remind you of Audrey Tautou ?? Like a lot?

Doesn’t she remind you of Audrey Tautou ?? Like a lot?

Go watch it if you haven’t!!! oh  Neil Patrick Harris is there too, you can never go wrong with that gentleman .

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