Random Nanceeh of The… month,week, who knows!?

So I’m gonna babble about stuff just because I can,and I usually do but this time is personal. Word by word.

Ok, first I wanna talk about protein shakes, there’s controversy about these, some people won’t take them because they aren’t natural or are too processed,( they are natural,just yeah processed then again,some have weird stuff some don’t, read labels ) that might be interesting but then again it offers great help to hit the protein mark that you desire or need. I don’t think regular people who don’t lift or do some tiring strength training activity should worry about this, at all. But truth is you may want the extra help to achieve a proper protein income to get your goals. I know people have a fixation on protein, specially if they know you are vegan , I’ve gained a decent amount of muscle mass , and I’ve been vegan for 2 years almost now,was a vegetarian before for about 13 years, the times when I did lose mass it was my own fault,for not eating enough calories/food/nutritious food and being lazy, I’ll be honest. I just took gym seriously past December,and my new total approach to it is merely 1 week old,so I will tell you it goes in about 1 or 2 months.


Anyway back on the theme, I guess it comes down to a personal choice,as most things end up being… I do choose to take a protein shake with oats,blueberries,raspberries and/or strawberries and maybe a banana,a tablespoon of chia and 1 cup of vegetable milk. I feel fine and it’s satisfying, I can’t tell  you if it does make a difference,but it does at least in one aspect, I cook for my whole family and I love doing it!! But also, I try to make 5 meals a day, so I get bored if I didn’t cook many different things,hence I LOVE fruit, I just pack a lot and call it one meal down. So,when I’m tired from gym, I come home and have my shake, it’s delicious,and then I can relax,and have a small silly dinner,mostly veggies, about 2-3 hours before sleep,or else I won’t be hungry for breakfast. So do drink or do not drink protein shakes, at least those are like just concentrated protein sources, I don’t know nor do I care about BCAA’s or NO or anything like it,so I won’t say anything about those.

Another thing was this weekend, it was my first weekend not chain-drinking when I met with friends, I brought my 2 craft beers to the gathering,my own food,since it was hamburger day ( we usually meet up to eat,they had always included something we could all eat,since I’m the only vegan/non-meat eater even last time they made a 100% vegan dish !! ) but yesterday it was their turn,they wanted greasy burgers lol, so we had a hamburger day. I brought 2 chickpea+veggies patties and sunflower seed spread. It was…fine,well I have to admit it, I was shocked that one of my friends who was a vegetarian,then vegan,then vegetarian,then ate some sausages ,was eating the burgers..I mean sure, from a sausage to that it’s a simple step, people can do whatever they like, I just selfishly miss the one close person to me who I could share that aspect of my life. But none of that matters since at home it’s a a safe haven and my mom is happy being vegan.

Anyway I’m like going stray, the whole meeting was ok, I drank slowly,I played the videogames, the eating part was actually ok…EXCEPT for one thing, I know much better than getting upset at people’s comments,specially coming from a very playful person but.. I dunno,it just bothered me, I brought up my tupper ,and K asked what was that? cos it didn’t look like food,then S ( former veggie person ) said my sunflower seed spread tasted weird ( we had some last time she came home  ) and I was like… well yes,some “new” foods are different than the usual hot dogs and mayo and cheese, but it doesn’t mean they are “bad” , we just aren’t used to them, gee, I had never eaten a single kind of berry till I turned vegan,and now I love them.

So in short,it was ok but I am not gonna attend another meeting when it’s ALL meat time, I had attended several grilled reunions,those are much better! I just bring along my pan and then everyone can share the guacamole, heck,last time they all ate vegetarian chorizo!! So… I’m gonna stick with that cos otherwise I get uncomfy. On the drinking part, it was certainly different, I guess I just did things way too opposite from every single person then and that kinda left me feeling outta place. I think it’s all good cos it means even less chances for going out which means, better care of my body and mind and less spending. I’ll think about it all. Things are changing quite fast, I wonder where will this take me .

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