Wind of changes

That’s a song right? Well, starting tomorrow I’m gonna work looking after the kiddo, I don’t love the idea of getting up super early but hey those 100 bucks will provide me with … contact lenses, gym gloves, new sports bra, CLA and hm that’s it.

So entertaining-wise my anime selection for this season is kinda weird,it’s not all yuri haha, ( that’s what manga is for right? when anime is dry ) thing is I can’t still watch Symphogear u_u , but I’ll get to it.

There is Illya-zwei Herz long name,I’m not liking Miyu and Shirou thing…but Kuro..I didn’t like Kuro and Illya but well, one can change their mind right…I also didn’t like Kuro and Miyu…ok Kurox everyone except Shirou is fine.

Wakako-zake , random as hell, pretty funny and with awesome lines. Also all the drinks look yummy.

Joukamachi no Dandelion : a story about the 9 children from the royal family, all participating in elections for next King, they are videotaped all the time at the street due to safety reasons,but the third one, Akane is too shy about this. Why and how did I pick it up? I don’t know, random browsing lol

Saint Seiya Soul of gold, the animation has NOTHING compared to Hades ( did you people get poor or something?) but it’s niiiiice to see them goldo saintos on the run, specially freaking shaka, although Death Mask seems a lot less impressive for some reason.

Uh Psycho Pass movie …gonna go watch that one right now.

Have an awesome day.

Ah yes not watching DBS…I’ll wait for the fights,also may check Gangsta out.

No picture.

Go get a roomie!

I have wanted to write about this online comic, it’s so awesome I can’t even aspire to fully express how it’s made me feel. But I will try my best.

Go get a roomie <— please do read it,all ,as slow or as fast as you wish but read it.

We have Roomie, who ,well crashes on girl’s apartments and sleeps with them, like very casually, you may think of her as a nature fun loving person who is carefree and is a free soul.  We have the twins, the woman is a domme and the male is a sub, please note terms like male and female are used quite loosely in this comic series, which is cool in a different way than it usually is portrayed. We got the viking like bartender, lots of fun, the Roomie fans as I like to call them, and Lillian… you see, she provides the series with the most amazing factor I’ve yet to encounter. Dreams, she has lucid dreams and the stories that happen there and how dreaming makes her see the world..ahh boy, I won’t spoil anything for you cos I really want you people to go and check it out, it’s sweet,it’s fun,it’s endearing,it’s made me cry u.u , it’s just too good for me to put in words.

Pledge to fund the book!


The moment it’s out I am gonna order me a copy.


Love the title already huh? Well it’s a fabulous short manga by Kuzushiro-sensei


So,those two are Akki and Shouko, the author has brought us with Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san and overall I like his ( I am almost sure it’s a guy ) work, so the story is about them, hmm being MADLY in love, do you know the term yandere? THIS IS YANDERE  It beats me as to why the manga didn’t have that tag, I mean, they are both so… carries a gun,the other usually a knife, I think stuff like umbrellas and a sort of nun-chunk are also around , so first they declare they wanna kill each other cos they love each other so much, cos that’s how we do it ok? Then you see a few moments of their relationship, and how they get mad at silly things, specially Akki and specially towards the end, having a fight cos Shouko thought she wouldn’t be cute while being on the bottom was totally adorable, I gotta say that it was so sweet.

We got a teacher? and someone who is like a bodyguard or a servant or I dunno, cos she cleans up after their mess, yeah both are skilled fighting and what not, I think they are both yakuza members or something haha. All in all is fun,they don’t really get hurt..well that changes eventually,but hey nothing too bad, Shouko surely is resilient. and the end..the end was all that it had to be for me, I read there’s a special chapter and another work happening in that school so ❤

Please go read it,it’s so good, if you like ’em crazy, actually, crazy in love applies here so well.

Go read it!

Filling up the tank !!

I found out how important is BMR, that is basal metabolism rate… the minimum of calories one need when lying in a freaking coma doing NOTHING but being alive. So..for my age and height and weight ,it’s 1,240, guess what I was barely eating? that amount or less..I am really surprised my body managed to lift weights and stuff at all.

So from barely 1,200 I went up to 2,100, coach said 2,200 but oh well, and that has been happening since last… July 8, I don’t always hit the 2k mark but at least I’m like 100 or 150 low,not freaking 1k . And so far,well it’s been too few days to tell on body fat but ,I can do all of my reps in a shorter time, I can lift more, I am not sleepy through the day , I sleep better and my mood has improved. So, I needed more food, go figure!

Girls,don’t make my mistake, vegs are awesome,but a bunch of broccoli is poor in calories, so try and add whole cereals, brown rice,some pre-made but still healthy vegan nuggets or sausages ( well if you are vegetarian or vegan duh ) legumes,plenty of those, fruits ,seeds, and our friend peanut butter. Also for mexican people, tortillas ❤

So I’m gonna go for body recomposition…that is eating my maintenance calories when I lift and a bit less on rest day…last week was my first week that I worked out 6 days, it was awesome. I am hoping to shed body fat and gain some muscle ,people say it’s much slower than bulk and cut,but I prefer it 1000 x.

Ah water, drink enough , it’s reaaaally important.

If you happen to use MyFitnessPal you can look for me and add me as a friend,


Anime season follow up

Well I cannot watch Symphogear XZ whatevs, cos I haven’t watched the other 2 . So I have to catch up but first I wanna finish freaking Chuunibyou blah blah.

Saint Seiya soul of Gold is somehow pleasant, all the gold saints feel a bit… cheaper though, but must be the drawing, I mean, Hades saga was sooooooo cool in the design and Omega..well I didn’t even could watch it.

Wakako-zake : a weird short anime about a girl…who eat and drinks, and like, tells you about the food and the matching drink, while pondering on life and stuff, it’s cute, short and weird. Love it

Dragon Ball Super, just cos it’s DB, just because of that.  :3

Gakkou Gurashi ❤ zombies vs girls yay!

Non Non Biyori- Repeat – It is a retelling?..hmm oh well..let’s see.

Yeah not a lot and nothing too exciting besides  GG. Nothing on the yuri dept. I think. So..more manga that is, Murciélago had like 4 chapters out last night,also the end of Corruption’s Finale ❤ gotta love romance with a BDSM touch.

No pictures cos… ok fine a picture, yandere love from Kuzushiro-sensei ( Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san )

Love/Death hehe

Love/Death hehe

Inside Out / Intensamente

Pixar Post - Inside Out characters closeup

Yep,image first,that’s unusual,well I think I have never reviewed a Pixar movie,well any “kiddo” movie, I went to watch this with some friends, I loved it!! It was dubbed in spanish but I found it awesomely funny, the only bad thing is… People laughing so much!!! I couldn’t hear what was being said sometimes. Also it made me cry… starting with the freaking short clip they show at first, I mean come on,who cries with sad singing then happy volcanos,who?? Me!

Anyways, I loved loved the angry guy,well anger duh, disgust and sadness are so funny, Joy kinda reminds me of a person on tv who talks about cats and dogs,lol. It is good cos even if it’s for kiddos,it gives a nice idea on how things work, I mean the mind doesn’t work exactly like that but ya know, by the end you do realize it’s not wrong to be sad or angry or any of those so called bad feelings, we need them all and stuff to grow and to learn things and to cope with life.

So, do go watch it, next on my list are Poltergeist 3D !!!! that one is gonna be a movie date tho,well I hope that’s what it’s gonna be lol.  Also I think I’m gonna go watch Insidious 3 on my own cos I can haha. That’s it for now.

The train has left the station, destination is currently still unknown

So, following the past post, yeah I have no idea what the hell is going on, I think I like it, but I don’t see how any of the old things can fit in anymore..maybe they aren’t supposed to. Maybe that is exactly the god damn point. But being a first time it’s still weird as a ( vegan of course ) cat shaped cake ( so cute I couldn’t eat it probably )

I mean, I was looking after what I ate,but not as good as I could,now that I have clear goals ..I somehow ended up with 3 apps to aid me… lol that’s kinda silly I guess, but useful at least at first. One is for macros, I think I’m sticking to something around 50% carbs / 40% protein and 10% fat. It can of course vary somehow, I’m not gonna pull my hair over that,but it helps to see if overall I’m going on the right direction. I mean what’s with all this gym commitment and no caring for a proper nutrition right?

The 1-2 drinks , 1-2 days a week MAX rule is pretty good, I like it and shall abide to it, also I will permanently say no to like japanese style peanuts and that sorta thing,refined food and most things coming outta package, and those who do come out of one, will not have more than 5 ingredients and the first 3 of them can’t be sugar. Also,in case of emergency one can go out of their way a bit, like said, I was out with my mom,shopping for hours, and guess what? About 5 hours went by, I was unprepared and of course sooooo hungry,so I tried to choose wisely, I had some sushi filled with avocado and cucumber,rice and steamed veggies, it’s not something I would order usually but it’s much better than chinese food,so. There ya go,can’t go starving either.

So this makes going out a bit harder for me, haha, cause, it’s not only asking about any animal ingredient on that bread is also frowning cos it’s white bread ( that happened before this new life, worry not lol ) and now it’s asking about every single drink, do you add sugar to it? Can you please not do that? lol . This is where the Nancy apartheid comes in, how am I supposed to hang out with my friends? We mostly gathered to eat and drink, or drink,and last time we did that…you know how it went… I think the movies are a safe bet, of course hoping they won’t bring they gf’s along,I mean , I don’t wanna be the only one sitting on her own xD  it’s kinda weird…I prefer going alone,oh well, who knows how this will go.

For the rest… I don’t have any idea if she likes me or not,guess I’m gonna ask sometime in the future.  :3 It’d be nice if she did.

Also no new anime that has me thrilled, all of my shows ended.

Mikagura Gakuen was ,well Eruna-chan is my new favourite yuri girl, the ending was kinda open,but at least she remained gay so yay!

Hibike Euphonium… meh, I don’t even know what to think.

Kiniro Mosaic, honestly I loved the show but the ending seemed pretty bleak to me. dunno

So I guess I will finish Lagrange one,that seemed cool, the Chuunibyou and well reading mangas. Also I must catch up with tons of books .

I also must meditate on various things. Oh did I mention my food sales are going up? That THRILLS ME, cos I honestly wanna live from that, giving people a nice cruelty free option and well, I love cooking so :3

give wings to the sheep,cos that's how far away from da flock she's going.

give wings to the sheep,cos that’s how far she’s going from da flock

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