The train has left the station, destination is currently still unknown

So, following the past post, yeah I have no idea what the hell is going on, I think I like it, but I don’t see how any of the old things can fit in anymore..maybe they aren’t supposed to. Maybe that is exactly the god damn point. But being a first time it’s still weird as a ( vegan of course ) cat shaped cake ( so cute I couldn’t eat it probably )

I mean, I was looking after what I ate,but not as good as I could,now that I have clear goals ..I somehow ended up with 3 apps to aid me… lol that’s kinda silly I guess, but useful at least at first. One is for macros, I think I’m sticking to something around 50% carbs / 40% protein and 10% fat. It can of course vary somehow, I’m not gonna pull my hair over that,but it helps to see if overall I’m going on the right direction. I mean what’s with all this gym commitment and no caring for a proper nutrition right?

The 1-2 drinks , 1-2 days a week MAX rule is pretty good, I like it and shall abide to it, also I will permanently say no to like japanese style peanuts and that sorta thing,refined food and most things coming outta package, and those who do come out of one, will not have more than 5 ingredients and the first 3 of them can’t be sugar. Also,in case of emergency one can go out of their way a bit, like said, I was out with my mom,shopping for hours, and guess what? About 5 hours went by, I was unprepared and of course sooooo hungry,so I tried to choose wisely, I had some sushi filled with avocado and cucumber,rice and steamed veggies, it’s not something I would order usually but it’s much better than chinese food,so. There ya go,can’t go starving either.

So this makes going out a bit harder for me, haha, cause, it’s not only asking about any animal ingredient on that bread is also frowning cos it’s white bread ( that happened before this new life, worry not lol ) and now it’s asking about every single drink, do you add sugar to it? Can you please not do that? lol . This is where the Nancy apartheid comes in, how am I supposed to hang out with my friends? We mostly gathered to eat and drink, or drink,and last time we did that…you know how it went… I think the movies are a safe bet, of course hoping they won’t bring they gf’s along,I mean , I don’t wanna be the only one sitting on her own xD  it’s kinda weird…I prefer going alone,oh well, who knows how this will go.

For the rest… I don’t have any idea if she likes me or not,guess I’m gonna ask sometime in the future.  :3 It’d be nice if she did.

Also no new anime that has me thrilled, all of my shows ended.

Mikagura Gakuen was ,well Eruna-chan is my new favourite yuri girl, the ending was kinda open,but at least she remained gay so yay!

Hibike Euphonium… meh, I don’t even know what to think.

Kiniro Mosaic, honestly I loved the show but the ending seemed pretty bleak to me. dunno

So I guess I will finish Lagrange one,that seemed cool, the Chuunibyou and well reading mangas. Also I must catch up with tons of books .

I also must meditate on various things. Oh did I mention my food sales are going up? That THRILLS ME, cos I honestly wanna live from that, giving people a nice cruelty free option and well, I love cooking so :3

give wings to the sheep,cos that's how far away from da flock she's going.

give wings to the sheep,cos that’s how far she’s going from da flock

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