Inside Out / Intensamente

Pixar Post - Inside Out characters closeup

Yep,image first,that’s unusual,well I think I have never reviewed a Pixar movie,well any “kiddo” movie, I went to watch this with some friends, I loved it!! It was dubbed in spanish but I found it awesomely funny, the only bad thing is… People laughing so much!!! I couldn’t hear what was being said sometimes. Also it made me cry… starting with the freaking short clip they show at first, I mean come on,who cries with sad singing then happy volcanos,who?? Me!

Anyways, I loved loved the angry guy,well anger duh, disgust and sadness are so funny, Joy kinda reminds me of a person on tv who talks about cats and dogs,lol. It is good cos even if it’s for kiddos,it gives a nice idea on how things work, I mean the mind doesn’t work exactly like that but ya know, by the end you do realize it’s not wrong to be sad or angry or any of those so called bad feelings, we need them all and stuff to grow and to learn things and to cope with life.

So, do go watch it, next on my list are Poltergeist 3D !!!! that one is gonna be a movie date tho,well I hope that’s what it’s gonna be lol.  Also I think I’m gonna go watch Insidious 3 on my own cos I can haha. That’s it for now.

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