Anime season follow up

Well I cannot watch Symphogear XZ whatevs, cos I haven’t watched the other 2 . So I have to catch up but first I wanna finish freaking Chuunibyou blah blah.

Saint Seiya soul of Gold is somehow pleasant, all the gold saints feel a bit… cheaper though, but must be the drawing, I mean, Hades saga was sooooooo cool in the design and Omega..well I didn’t even could watch it.

Wakako-zake : a weird short anime about a girl…who eat and drinks, and like, tells you about the food and the matching drink, while pondering on life and stuff, it’s cute, short and weird. Love it

Dragon Ball Super, just cos it’s DB, just because of that.  :3

Gakkou Gurashi ❤ zombies vs girls yay!

Non Non Biyori- Repeat – It is a retelling?..hmm oh well..let’s see.

Yeah not a lot and nothing too exciting besides  GG. Nothing on the yuri dept. I think. So..more manga that is, Murciélago had like 4 chapters out last night,also the end of Corruption’s Finale ❤ gotta love romance with a BDSM touch.

No pictures cos… ok fine a picture, yandere love from Kuzushiro-sensei ( Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san )

Love/Death hehe

Love/Death hehe

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