Filling up the tank !!

I found out how important is BMR, that is basal metabolism rate… the minimum of calories one need when lying in a freaking coma doing NOTHING but being alive. So..for my age and height and weight ,it’s 1,240, guess what I was barely eating? that amount or less..I am really surprised my body managed to lift weights and stuff at all.

So from barely 1,200 I went up to 2,100, coach said 2,200 but oh well, and that has been happening since last… July 8, I don’t always hit the 2k mark but at least I’m like 100 or 150 low,not freaking 1k . And so far,well it’s been too few days to tell on body fat but ,I can do all of my reps in a shorter time, I can lift more, I am not sleepy through the day , I sleep better and my mood has improved. So, I needed more food, go figure!

Girls,don’t make my mistake, vegs are awesome,but a bunch of broccoli is poor in calories, so try and add whole cereals, brown rice,some pre-made but still healthy vegan nuggets or sausages ( well if you are vegetarian or vegan duh ) legumes,plenty of those, fruits ,seeds, and our friend peanut butter. Also for mexican people, tortillas ❤

So I’m gonna go for body recomposition…that is eating my maintenance calories when I lift and a bit less on rest day…last week was my first week that I worked out 6 days, it was awesome. I am hoping to shed body fat and gain some muscle ,people say it’s much slower than bulk and cut,but I prefer it 1000 x.

Ah water, drink enough , it’s reaaaally important.

If you happen to use MyFitnessPal you can look for me and add me as a friend,


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