Love the title already huh? Well it’s a fabulous short manga by Kuzushiro-sensei


So,those two are Akki and Shouko, the author has brought us with Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san and overall I like his ( I am almost sure it’s a guy ) work, so the story is about them, hmm being MADLY in love, do you know the term yandere? THIS IS YANDERE  It beats me as to why the manga didn’t have that tag, I mean, they are both so… carries a gun,the other usually a knife, I think stuff like umbrellas and a sort of nun-chunk are also around , so first they declare they wanna kill each other cos they love each other so much, cos that’s how we do it ok? Then you see a few moments of their relationship, and how they get mad at silly things, specially Akki and specially towards the end, having a fight cos Shouko thought she wouldn’t be cute while being on the bottom was totally adorable, I gotta say that it was so sweet.

We got a teacher? and someone who is like a bodyguard or a servant or I dunno, cos she cleans up after their mess, yeah both are skilled fighting and what not, I think they are both yakuza members or something haha. All in all is fun,they don’t really get hurt..well that changes eventually,but hey nothing too bad, Shouko surely is resilient. and the end..the end was all that it had to be for me, I read there’s a special chapter and another work happening in that school so ❤

Please go read it,it’s so good, if you like ’em crazy, actually, crazy in love applies here so well.

Go read it!


  1. Foe-yay pairings aren’t my cup of tea but when done right they can work magic. Then again this is more yanderes in love but they started off as mortal enemies so yeah. Anyway a sweet and insane yuri love story and it was wonderful. Looking forward to hopefully seeing the second story and the extra get translated.

    As I said, nicely done review.

    • Thank you very much, I think this would make a good short series like Inu to Neko, but I doubt it’ll happen. And yes this was pretty lunatic, looking forward for extra and second story as well.

      • Well I did say I would love to see this get animated in my “mangas turned to anime” list.

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