Wind of changes

That’s a song right? Well, starting tomorrow I’m gonna work looking after the kiddo, I don’t love the idea of getting up super early but hey those 100 bucks will provide me with … contact lenses, gym gloves, new sports bra, CLA and hm that’s it.

So entertaining-wise my anime selection for this season is kinda weird,it’s not all yuri haha, ( that’s what manga is for right? when anime is dry ) thing is I can’t still watch Symphogear u_u , but I’ll get to it.

There is Illya-zwei Herz long name,I’m not liking Miyu and Shirou thing…but Kuro..I didn’t like Kuro and Illya but well, one can change their mind right…I also didn’t like Kuro and Miyu…ok Kurox everyone except Shirou is fine.

Wakako-zake , random as hell, pretty funny and with awesome lines. Also all the drinks look yummy.

Joukamachi no Dandelion : a story about the 9 children from the royal family, all participating in elections for next King, they are videotaped all the time at the street due to safety reasons,but the third one, Akane is too shy about this. Why and how did I pick it up? I don’t know, random browsing lol

Saint Seiya Soul of gold, the animation has NOTHING compared to Hades ( did you people get poor or something?) but it’s niiiiice to see them goldo saintos on the run, specially freaking shaka, although Death Mask seems a lot less impressive for some reason.

Uh Psycho Pass movie …gonna go watch that one right now.

Have an awesome day.

Ah yes not watching DBS…I’ll wait for the fights,also may check Gangsta out.

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