What do *I* have to offer

A friend asked me,what did I have to offer, to girls who would want a relationship with me…and I was startled,cos I thought it was clear,but then I realized I haven’t really written or talked about it… I have,in more than one occasion, set guidelines on what I look for in a person,but not in what I can offer in return! So here I go.

I can assure you I am an honest girl,so no weird business here. That though I’m usually tactless, even if I don’t actively try to be rude.

I am surely amusing,or at least I bring up some laughter pretty often,depending on your sense of humour methinks.

I’m faithful, never cheated and I don’t plan to.

I’m kinda cute and I work out,so I wanna say I will be looking pretty good for a while.

I am smart and know a bunch of things, it’s super weird I run out of topics. that I may run out of topics that interest most people,that is another story.

I’m a good person 😛 I watch what I eat, I love a good beer and I don’t smoke anymore.

Now,I won’t offer you financial stability or the reliable older woman figure, cos,that’s not me,so there ya go.

I think that’s it. Pretty cool eh?


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