Short manga reviews

Well I thought it’d be nice to write a small update on the manga titles that I’m reading, since the anime department is pretty much  nothing worth mentioning… so I’m gonna start with this one cos a new chapter came out today, ( I use the Dynasty Reader site to read most of my mangas, it has tons of yuri,almost all of it I dare to say,another good one is Yuri-ism and Manga Here for the fucked up stuff I didn’t find on the other two hehe )

Shoujo Shikkaku or Girls’ Disqualifications by Kawai Rou

Ok so we have a school enviroment , girls who appear to be very nice and close friends and a transfer student, the next second we find girls chained to each other in pairs, with a bag with some items and a note ( ever watched Battle Royale ? ok good ) and if one tries to free herself..she dies..and if one of the couple dies..the other does so. That’s the premise, of course the main character is paired up with transfer student and betrayal is just around the corner. I have good expectations for this one,since it combines violence, action and yuri ah and survival games . ❤

Bousou Girls-teki Mousou Renaiteki Suteki Project or B.G.M.R.S.P. by Kawai Rou

So,this one is by same author much different though, this is about childhood friends who are stuck in what it looks like an endless rivalry, they both attend the same all gir’ls school and they both are quite popular, Beniko and Aoi,and you can guess, Beniko seems to have more than rivalry feelings towards Aoi. It’s light it’s quite funny and easy to read.

Hana and Hina After School by Morinaga Milk-sensei

This one is sweet!!! Of course I mean have you read her work, apart from Mare that is…oh well, there is a girl working part time,which is forbidden while studying and then comes..yeah,a transfer student ( you Japan you transfer a lot of students don’t you?) who works as a model..and enters the same store as this girl ( I forgot who is who -_- ) so she likes super cute things and they start being friends or something but we can tell transfer students has some other kind of feelings. Going good.

Lily Love by Ratana Satis 

Oh my,this is thai manga, the writer is super awesome cos she showed up in Dynasty forums,she can speak some english and will reply on her Facebook if you write to her,ok well the story is kind of a regular one, a well known lesbian girl is in school ,P’mew,the cool thing is no one makes a fuss about it nor is it too troublesome, she is gay and it’s ok with everyone ( niiiceee ) and there’s shy timid girl , Donut lol the names…so it’s a story about those two,but I think there’s an ex lurking so, the art is awesome and it’s one of the best non japanese titles, I’d pair it with What does the Fox say? ,Their story and Fluttering feelings.

Eventually, I Will Become Yours  by Nakatani Nio

This one , I really really really like , cos we have 2 girls, again I can’t remember their names, ah yes Touko and Ayumi … Hahaha, so neither of them know love, Ayumi is really interested cos she really has never even liked someone, of course pres ( Touko ) falls for her,we don’t know exactly why,to be honest that one escalated quickly but what I’m loving is, pres confessed,kissed Ayumi and none of that had the usual instant effect that is shown in yuri manga, Ayumi didn’t tell her she loved her!! nor did they engage in wild sex at the bushes xD , pres is like “I’m gonna make you fall for me” and Ayumi is like “ok come at me brah” it’s awesome,cos she seems to want to feel like that,so the pace is somehow slow but I find that very calming and a novelty,not too slow like omg dying from it either.

Les Chuu Life by Hidari Kagetora

This is pretty good for several reasons,yes it’s mostly sex BUT the interesting thing is the two girls experiment with each other,together as a couple..ah makes me think of Sakura trick with the kissing,but these two go all the way,which is ok average,the good stuff is even if they fall into the threesome cliché ,this is quickly fixed by one of them showing honest not over the top jealousy and thus the couple reaffirms their mutual love and interest in exclusivity.  You don’t see that often, and I loved it cos omg why many many girls end up in threesomes and orgies..what the..I am not a prude but lol it’s a bit unrealistic.

A Kiss And A White Lily by Canno

This one.. I never paid attention to it cos I disliked the uniform they wear…skirts are so long gee..yes cos that’s very relevant …so we Ayaka, hard working girl and Yurine natural born genius..of course we have rivalry, mostly on Ayaka’s part and well… some kisses and other couples besides the “main” one ,cos Ayaka is too much of a tsundere haha. It is very funny.

Age 15 by Asagi Ryu

This one is the one I want to complete as soon as it’s translated, this author is well known for water sports and well, over the top sex, you may remember the review I made on ” Otome saku” if not click here  , so I can’t help it,but to think of Anna as Miharu and Ema as Satsuki ( why you people draw all girls so similar ), anyway this manga has no maniac sex, no water sports, no orgies, nothing that one is used to when reading this author,so it’s quite refreshing, specially cause… Ema likes putting her face on Anna’s panties..for some reason and even if she’s a college student she’s pretty well, it is really sweet and oddly funny, I have seen the chinese raws but I can’t read it so I’m waiting eagerly for everything to develop !!!!

No picture today!!!

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