A new point of view on futa and reflecting on social life

So..you know me, I’m curious, I didn’t wanna ( keep on being ) be a prejudged prick, so I tried to read some manga featuring futanari, since ,essentially they are girls,then again some yaoi fangirls seem to like it …but they have big breasts..so,like what? Unless they don’t,then it’s like reading shota..no way,none of that.

So my research did give some results. In general I don’t like futa after all, it’s like reading het or yaoi,with all the “ah you’re so deep,ah your milk etc endless man’s fluids references” , but specially when the dick is “new” it’s so ..ugh “Oh look,I finally have some genitalia that is worth!! this is the best etc” I mean, you can have plenty of fun with lady parts, that aside, balls crushing, penises entering other penises and the like,no, it’s too over the top. I did like Futabu though,cos Ai and hum the tomboy one.. Aya? seem to like each other past the point of “I’m a horny maniac I just want sex”,they seem to have some sorta feelings.

Now guys,most futa seems to show that whenever there is a penis one becomes less rational and can only think with it..I’d find that offensive if I were you. Anyway what I did like was :

Detachable futa style. Kind of like “whoopsie I grew one…ok now you did and mine is gone,ok now you again,ok my turn” or when everyone is futa ( or at least an entire city, you Twin dungeon princesses ) that for some reason was ok cos…I dunno, it was not like that feeling,of a woman trying out to be a dude, they all were born like that and everyone was the same so it was like “Ah..look,demons,elves,succubi,all have penises ok cool” made it feel super casual,lol,weird, I guess it is understandable though.

So Rebis did that Twin princesses thing, I didn’t check his ( I assume it’s a man ) other works cos the women have way too much muscle,but then again,orcs are supposed to be huge so..and it’s middle earth kinda, you can’t be a skinny woman when fighting dragons and shit. The sex drive..well it’s ancient times…the whole royal family incest…oh well, back then it wasn’t so bad I guess,dunno,I discovered nipple fuck…I do not appreciate it.

That’s it…still not gonna actively read futa no more,but I will wait for TPD newest release, I wanna know what happened to elf maid who was in love with the cute twin,who just had married her mother in the last chapter…I mean I know elf maid was turned into a demon or something but..oh well .

As for going out… meh, I lost a lot of sleep,I’m just recovering,I drank a bit more of what I should of have but still didn’t get even tipsy…so I call it a bit of a waste of money, the good beer was tasty..the others well,ok but the ideal would of be : the good beer + a regular one and going home,but of course I wanted to see what the night had to offer..and nope, nothing so.. I’m going back to my 1-2 drinks if any and not sleeping later than 12:30 am bleh

Unrelated ErunaxOtone art <3

Unrelated ErunaxOtone art ❤

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