Still Alice

-takes a deep breath- Wow, well,if you are alive and have been blessed with eyes and ears ( well you may not hear but you can read subtitles maybe ) you know Julianne Moore is one hell of an actress, she is, in my opinion, as good as Meryl Streep,and thrives on a fantastic ability to convey us with most deep emotions . Also she’s a very beautiful woman, she’s ageing oh so gracefully and I wish more actresses would focus on their acting skills instead of going half naked saying silly lines.

Anyway, I’ve been watching to watch this movie forever… I kinda kept postponing it cos I knew it’d make me a good way, songs,books or movies that cannot affect anything in me,well they are sterile,don’t strike a nerve. So this movie…it’s so so good..the way the disease is shown…I think it has to be one of the saddest things, to slowly ( or quickly ) losing yourself and the life you know, dammit can’t even remember what  a duck is called ( other than a chicken that’s not one ) ,I can’t really imagine, but it seems dreadful…painful…and the family,well they also lose their beloved ones… I wish none of that will ever happen to us, it seems just too fucking sad.

Now, I won’t spoil it for ya, cos you should watch it and hurt like I did… but I’ll say ONE thing.. that moment when she discovers,by chance,the video she made for herself ,for when the disease would be worst…she understands,for a brief moment,you can see it in her eyes…it’s so moving… I dare say no more, just please go and enjoy wonderful performances, hell even Kristen  Stewart is convincing ( sorry I laughed at those jokes of her having the same facial expression all the time, I mean she kinda does,but girl can act too,and she’s pretty ), Alec ( hope it’s the right bro ) Baldwin is awesome as the husband and well… it’s so worth,no wonder she won an Oscar with this.

And she’s 54!!! I hope I’m half as awesome as she is,well soon haha.


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