Ok read this  Demisexuality … Now, I am not really ok with so many “new” words for sexuality, like asexuals, and aromantic and aero or stuff, I read about it a lot, it’s very interesting but it’s a bit complicated, I know I’m a lesbian who likes women who are girly,well that don’t look like men.  But it was always weird to me,that everyone is like looking at people and being all rawr and I’ve usually been like “Yeah..I guess she’s cute…so?” very apathetic you could say, when I stumbled upon this demisexuality thing it made a damn whole lot of sense,it also explains why sex has usually been pretty crappy for me xD

I even at some point wondered what was wrong with me,since I know I can only like and fall in love with women, ( even if that has only happened twice in my life ) but I didn’t get all sexually aroused and kisses are nice,but the whole thing…meh….but now I read more about it,I may not agree on it at a 100% ,but I think I can easily say without a problem that I fit the description at least in a 80%. Cos seriously, this rawr feeling, I’ve only had it ,well twice.  I think I like being like that, I just wished I would of known about it before, so I could present a solid argument to “defend” myself or properly explain why I find masturbation boring as fack. In any case, it’s nice to know I don’t have something wrong, I just need a special extra to get to that point. I think it’s specially good for the other person… she’s going to get it all together.

vlcsnap-2015-08-31-23h25m32s205  Random unrelated image.

Mark my words, I am not going to lose and I will be hot this time for sure,even if I must make 60 tamales I will work out!!! Of course Xmas asks for other sort of training.


  1. Nan-chan I must agree on somethings you’ve said. I believe all this new sort of sexualities are very confusing for me, why do we have to put a name forma everything? I’m pretty muchos satisfied with only being a lesbian woman, and I believe all the other aspects of being gay, such as the type of women u find attractive and arousing are merely a difference about traste and preferences.

    Bit I’m glad that u find some sort of confortness and assurance, and like u said it, some grounds todo defender yourself when people put you under the microscope.

    Hugs and kisses

    • ^^ O-chan ,smart as usual,well yeah, i am in favour of trying to understand things,like,the first time someone realized he was gay and they didn’t have a word for it, that was good to come up with concepts,like “homosexual” and “gay” ,this new way of analysing how we interact and form relationships is…well interesting,but a bit too much for me, still I’m glad there’s a name for my “thing” haha. But mostly I think if someone questions me about it, I’m going to tell them to please go to hell and mind their business instead 😀

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