The darkest hour

I didn’t know how to write “moment of truth” in a more dramatic manner so… Since I took a glimpse on stuff I wrote and thought,and pretended to think,and so on—.I decided to briefly expose my true feelings.

No,I don’t like weed,people can smoke a bit ok,but I would not enjoy having a gf who smokes,so hooray.

Same goes for other drugs, except alcohol,that one is fine when it’s not 2 bottles a day . xD

I don’t like men,I didn’t like it when I tried to date that guy,rebounds are not cool mmkay?

I am not always right and I make mistakes and I used to be very judgemental, I’m sorry about it.

I had been very mean,specially to myself, I am also sorry to those I was mean to,hope at least we all learned something.

I am truly sorry I used the word “love” when I shouldn’t.. I was trying really hard to convince myself that that was what was going on..but of course it wasn’t…me being in love has just happened 2 times in my life, I am not like a horrible person I was just very lost and emotionally unstable and scared and lonely.

I’m impressed at how many posts I consecrated to insult myself and put me down, like whoa! I am aware I disliked my appearance heavily cos it reflected the storm inside…but please don’t treat yourselves like that, love thyself!

I am very happy I got better,it may of taken me almost 32 years,but I got there..of course there is always room for improvement.

I am still open to new stuff,but I have clear limits and I won’t go over them for nothing.

Ain’t nobody got time to read all this.

I am ready now to offer to the world and to take accordingly. I can smile and breath deep.

I think that’s all for now,haha.


random romantic illustration  -coughs-

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