Exciting feelings, fluttering feelings

I’m not describing how I feel, LOL, it’s the title or rather, the two translations of title for this manga..ok manwah (?)  cos it’s korean.

So it’s yuri ( do you still call it yuri if it’s korean ? ), the art style is nice, I must confess I find it hard to keep track cos the names and the language are so weird to me,as opposed to japanese ones ( hey, been an anime fan for 17 years now shush ) but ok, there are .. 3? titles I like , this is one of those.

Well,it’s not as exciting or fluttering… I mean,the art is nice,the story seems promising but… 30 chapters AND NOTHING has happened. Come on! ( if you want to see lots of stuff happening from chapter 1 , check What does the fox say? it has a weird way to be read though )

Actually I decided in this moment to talk to you about WDTFS, it’s awesome, you have these 3 girls, again I can’t deal with them names so.. black haired company director, newbie blond and pink haired devil. Director and pink haired devil used to date,but stuff happened, now they fuck sporadically, then newbie comes into scene.. of course director is interested in her but newbie is kinda a virgin and then you have this messed up relationship and add a troubled past. Yes, it is very very interesting, check it out.



I feel like this when reading WDTFS




Letting go

I have written about saying good bye to the purism and absolutism that seem to permeate the lifestyle I chose regarding my ethics in relation with other animals ( veganism, although I am finding I’m less fond of the word day by day… ) but I also must come to terms with other aspects of my life.

I may have overcame my incipient eating disorder that started when I was seriously not in control of my life anymore or what I ate and barely of what I did, I shall refer to that time of my life as the true dark ages. So, I have just recently got keen on working out, but let me be honest, I still do it mostly cos I do fear not only gaining weight but not losing what’s remaining of fat here, that which keeps me away from being what I think would be ideal.

The result is of course, I stress out a lot when I skip gym either for time or like yesterday I was sick, and it’s unwise to attend gym when one is ill, specially with a fever. Stress makes people store more fat, so you can see how that goes, so I am going to try to change that, I don’t know how long it’ll take me but I want to do all the things i do with a smile, do them cos I enjoy them and not cos of fear what would happen if I didn’t do them. Hope you could follow me up until here, I am going to focus on the benefits that I get in terms of how I feel,not weight or looks. For example, I love being able to perform 15 push ups in a row, I love being strong enough to press 160 kilos with my legs, I love the endorphine shower I get after working out and I love that the daily cardio sessions allow me to run 6 blocks to be on time when I need to.

I will do that and let my body and my mind relax, not thinking about %’s of this and that, yes commitment is important, but it must not become a self imposed task either. Like, I am going to get a new notebook and write down my cheat meals, so I can eat something yummy,not so healthy not so crappy once a week,and write it down, cos that keeps me on track but also lets me do what i want once every 7 days, hehe, and I will make a true list of goals for next year, for example, drinking only craftbeer ,1 on the weekend, with the exception of 5 times a year,drinking other kind when meeting friends, rules are good and help me keeping on the path but I must also become a flexible person when it’s needed.

So basically I am going to trust that my body will look much better after I truly feel better.  cos it is a reflection.

Happy holidays!!












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