Exciting feelings, fluttering feelings

I’m not describing how I feel, LOL, it’s the title or rather, the two translations of title for this manga..ok manwah (?)  cos it’s korean.

So it’s yuri ( do you still call it yuri if it’s korean ? ), the art style is nice, I must confess I find it hard to keep track cos the names and the language are so weird to me,as opposed to japanese ones ( hey, been an anime fan for 17 years now shush ) but ok, there are .. 3? titles I like , this is one of those.

Well,it’s not as exciting or fluttering… I mean,the art is nice,the story seems promising but… 30 chapters AND NOTHING has happened. Come on! ( if you want to see lots of stuff happening from chapter 1 , check What does the fox say? it has a weird way to be read though )

Actually I decided in this moment to talk to you about WDTFS, it’s awesome, you have these 3 girls, again I can’t deal with them names so.. black haired company director, newbie blond and pink haired devil. Director and pink haired devil used to date,but stuff happened, now they fuck sporadically, then newbie comes into scene.. of course director is interested in her but newbie is kinda a virgin and then you have this messed up relationship and add a troubled past. Yes, it is very very interesting, check it out.



I feel like this when reading WDTFS




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