It’s here, it’s back, a movie review… This is one of the best lesbian movies ever, like seriously.

But please don’t expect something like a 10 minutes long sex scene, ( seriously, what the hell was that about?) this movie is about, well, meeting someone else, in this tight-up society, and man it’s been a while since I saw 2 classy ladies drink so much, but in that time ( it’s set in the 50’s ) you could have breakfast with a Martini glass, actually just leave the damn mixer on the table, we will refill ourselves, golden!!!

I loved it cos I went in expecting to at least not be bored to death, it was a free ticket so I wasn’t worried about hating it… It has been so long since I came out of a movie play dancing and strolling, singing and with my hand on my chest,  I was happy. It made me actually happy, to smile, a real smile. smiling, at the movies, I went alone and I came out dancing, singing and smiling, that is how good that movie is!!!

It managed to touch my heart, to make me feel this, this love feelings the women had, and it also got some dramatic moments, but, that is what I liked best, it wasn’t this horrible unending ordeal , no one ends up dead, either killed or committing suicide, or a double suicide! there is no rape, no forced marriage ( one was married but divorcing) no terminal illness diminishing their light, nothing like this!!! It was a normal, yes troubled, but normal developing of a love relationship.

The ending…I won’t say nothing, but I want to say, it is a good one, like I said, no one does stupid ass sacrifices for the sake of others dooming their lives to perpetual misery.

And it was funny too, well at least I laughed in some parts, maybe cos I was feeling like a school girl hehehe. I was giggling.So good.

So, please do go watch it, you don’t even need to be gay to enjoy it!

I wish I look as good and classy as Cate Blanchet when I’m older






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