Moving from gym to home workout.

I wanted a fancy title but I’m supposed to be working, so I’ll make this quick, just need to write it down or my brain won’t shut up hehe.

Ok,you know I was “average”, then fat, then average, then whatever I am now. Thing is , I owe much to the gym, the facilities, because it’s thanks to such places that I was able to get rid of those 25 kilograms, I learned many basic things, I was able to finally have a butt, I learned also a lot about myself, my trainer is DA bomb, really, he and his wife helped me so so so much! but I think now it’s the moment to say goodbye.

I liked going to the the gym, I’ll try to post the good and the not so good .


1.- Crowded, you must wait in order to use equipment, and some people come in groups so they of course grab ALL the dumbbells that exist!

2.- You must get there. Yes, there are cars, buses, one can walk but sometimes life decides you have stuff to do and it’s already 9:30 pm, whatcha gonna do? Hum?

3.- A monthly fee, I am now saving up that to invest on life lasting equipment, like a pull up bar, a bar with discs, etc.

4.- Mirrors, it is good to see how the body is changing but some days you ARE really bloated and the fit clothes make you feel bad and you get a bit sad, at least I did.


1.- You have equipment to do many different exercises

2.- If the coach is a good one, you get invaluable advice and tips.

3.- The comrade feeling!

4.- You can add resistance in the way of weights, an easier to track progress mark, let’s say it like that.

Now, I decided to quit my gym of 3 years, truth be said I only was really committed at times, when things feel like a duty I am not so keen on them, there was I time I did a mix of crossfit and functional training, I walked back and forth to the gym, 30 minutes each round, the workout was about 45 minutes, I had the time and I liked it, I was my slimest fittest ever,  but then I wanted to get more muscle or tone or whatever and I tried out another things, and well, one step forward, one backwards, then I would start feeling anxious if I didn’t go, I would feel guilty.

Now though, I decided and started a little routine with my dumbbells and bar, but I left that and I am with the Insanity MAX:30 program ( this is not an AD, there are tons of programs, free workouts in YouTube, there’s, Zuzka light etc ) and honestly, I read people need much more willpower to workout at home..I don’t think it’s the case, you don’t have to drive,walk anywhere, you just turn on the TV or the PC, then again this may not apply to everyone. But it did for me, I love it that I can adjust my times, I love having my protein shake right after I finish because the kitchen is THERE, ( I am looking at it from my room), the weather means nothing to me, I don’t get self conscious of a particular training outfit being not so flattering ( no big mirrors here), I don’t have to wait for absolutely anything or anyone!!and most important IT IS FUN, I look forward to it!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I had endorphines from gym as well, but honestly, I tend to overdo  it, and sometimes I’d get small injuries. This is solid 30 minutes, I have fun, I challenge myself but I also rest as needed, not for too long.

So, what I think will be my new path, I’ll finish this program, then I’m going to try P90x3, use my bar for deadlifts (compound moves are DA bomb), get a pull-up bar and alternate between different programs, of course eating properly and resting a lot at night.

I encourage going to the gym, going to swim, hiking, biking, anything that means being active!!!

I also want to talk about “fat pride”… but in other occasion! That’s going to offend some people but I hope you’ll get what I want to say.


Heck, you can also try this out! see? lots of alternatives everywhere!

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