To Paleo or not to Paleo?

Well..let us see, first of all I am going back to gym, working out at home is nice and all, I still want my bar for pull-ups but buying stuff for cool squats and a proper heavier bar is way too expensive at the moment, so I can either suscribe or simply pay per visit, we’ll see. These new 8 kilograms need to go or rather, these 20+ cms on my belly! I’ll ask my trainer for functional training, that is no silly bicep curls, only multi-articular movements, like squats, pull-ups, pushups, burpees, clean and jerk etc. I did that before and I was my leanest.

Second, I am going to try the paleo lifestyle, strictly for 30 days, as good as possible of course and then checking out what “modern foods” suit my stomach well and which don’t, for example I think the whole “No legume” is bullshit, yes they have these anti-nutrients, but those go away almost completely just by soaking 12 hours+ and cooking properly, I will eat less though, like say 1 cup a day tops. Also about the fruits, I dislike it immediately when people say NO to fruits,like a strong rejection, yah they have sugar but it’s not as in candies, I may not eat 3-4 whole mangos in a single time as I sometimes did though hehe, but nothing will prevent me from having 2-4 servings of fruits.

Of course I am not going to eat any meat, fish or similar, but as I think, you already know, I am going to be eating eggs, that the lovely old lady that comes to my market brings in a small bucket from her ranch.

The awesome good points of Paleo that I love are the focus on veggies, today I’ve eaten more veggies than in a regular day before ( shame on me!) or maybe it’s not that, I have eaten many different ones in a day, aubergine,zucchini,spinach,potato,asparagus and paprika!!! Also I’ve tried other ways to eat, slice an avocado and fill it with boiled egg for example…so good… and for my particular case of being Mexican, I am excited about removing tortillas, maybe not entirely forever ( must have my cheat meal now and then) but it’s something I’m so used to, I’m curious about how it will turn out.

No bread? No problem, here we don’t get real whole grain anyway, Germans though… they have these awesome options of “bread” so packed with nuts and seeds that it’s more like those are merely embedded on some bread. Truly fantastic.

As for added sugar… Ain’t nobody got time for that, does no good so everyone is better off without it. Alcohol? Hum..honestly, I don’t feel like I will be wanting to drink anytime soon and specially cheap industrial beers, so I may save myself for special occasions and only strictly either craft beer or imported German one hehe.  It’s more fun that way anyway I think.

Pasta? … well, when I REALLY feel like eating some, I will,sue me, but that happened not so often anyway,so nothing that I will really miss.

Supa processed food? I don’t think anybody really needs that anyway…yes don’t give me that eye when I go get my protein shake, can’t eat 20 eggs a day.


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